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This is the hard part.  Trying to summarize “us” to those who are new… and thus, this page will probably always be a work in progress.

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The Beginning Crew (Click on anyone’s name to read their tagged posts)


Photo by Kara at KS Visual Media

Patrick & Byn Always


After 21 years of marriage, raising 5 kids and living through tons of adventures and changes, Patrick is finally realizing his nearly life long goal of living on a boat with our family (most of us, anyway).

We’ve lived on a bus before (for about 3 years when the kids were younger), but mostly we’ve been landlocked to an extreme degree.  Seeing how much Patrick loves and thrives on the ocean, I am kind of surprised that none of our moves took us to live near one!  We’ve done all sorts of projects together over the years.  Mostly creative things, mostly community theater based, acting, producing, directing, writing and performing.  We love the idea of a new adventure.  I’m just hoping that my extreme motion sickness is fix-able… I would hate to be the reason that sailing wouldn’t work for us!  Patrick is the one writing most of the nerdy-tech-geek posts. Byn will be writing the parenting stuff, personal stuff, recipes and scattered stuff 🙂

Jaedin Always (19)  


img_20160926_182452869 IMG_20160909_202200506.jpg img_20160923_183909574

An engineering, techie nerd-type who also has some mad artistic skills (and he is also an aerialist and practices acro-yoga), Jaedin will be 19 by the time we leave to go on the boat.  He’s taking a year off after graduating high school to go explore the ocean with us.  He and Patrick have some really amazing business/invention ideas that they’re bringing along for the ride.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Abyni Always (15)


25-Insta-abyni.png IMG_20160901_104658.jpg

IMG_20160812_171133660_thumb.jpg img_20160925_184308992

A singer, gymnast, aerialist and new student of acro-yoga, Abyni is our youngest crew member.


She’ll be learning to sail, discovering geography and oceanography up close and in person this year while we’re on the sea.  I’m sure she’ll be vlogging and writing as well, from her own perspective.  Maybe if we’re lucky, she’ll write some songs and we can make a music video on a beach somewhere.

Paris Always (18)

10389132_900343683355945_9066804766840242383_n  10497402_1165768643448711_4122926516054884776_o  underwater-paris

The super artistic, creative child of the bunch.  Paris is a rollercoaster of personality and humor (Here’s her introductory blog post, 10 Things I’ll Miss about Living on Land). Paris’ personal youtube channel is here.  She used to do SFX make up tutorials and whatnot… now she’ll be moving onto new things. Art, Lolita, DIY, Hair ~ who knows what all you’ll find there? She will be continuing this life adventure with Jazz back on land and at least for a while, they’ll be staying with our oldest son, Kainan, at our old house. That is something I’d like to see. They’ll be a crazy bunch of kids, for sure!

Jazz (19)
  jazz-underwater  20151216_180304

12004120_919528894806659_959174721871145874_n  20151211_143345

Last, but not least, Tiberius, Elephant, Tempest & Cinnamon!  (You can read Pet-tagged posts here)

Tiberius is our part-Mini Australian Shepherd and part something else (he’s a rescue). Tempest is our white kitten and Elephant is our 14 year old gray cat.

20151215_102245 20151130_144611 20151130_142008

20151129_112919  20151202_063532   20151130_170638

Cinnamon (also a rescue) is at least in large part a chihuahua.

10957675_801816606577889_6395554804733662266_n   20151203_101606

She thinks our portlight/hatch is her doggie door 😉

20151203_101025 20151203_101137

**Our oldest two kids (Sprite, 23 and Kainan, 20) are adults and living on their own.  Sprite is married to Matthew and they have a 1 year old son, Lyric.  Kainan will be watching our house and other dogs for us while we’re gone on the first trial run of this adventure.

They will visit from time to time, but they won’t be full-timing with us.


Back Row:  Kainan & Jaedin

Front Row:  Jazz, Paris, Patrick, Byn, our grandson Lyric, Sprite and Abyni

You may want to entertain yourself by reading Patrick’s history, which is what brought this all about:  Patrick’s Backstory Starts Here

You can also watch the kids first impromptu interview about their thoughts on going to live on a boat.


  1. What an amazing journey your family will share together!! The sailing lifestyle is pretty amazing!! I look forward to reading about your experiences.

    Fair Winds and Following Seas!!

    1. Thanks, Chris! We’re feeling a great vibe in all the online sailing communities and have learned so much from the input of others with more experience. We’re looking forward to adding to the library of knowledge as we learn from our mistakes – hopefully the funny kind of mistakes 🙂

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