Taking a Dog on the Boat

We have three dogs.  They were all rescues, and mostly ‘mutts’. One of them, Diva, our Bull Mastiff is too old to go on the boat.  She’s big and doesn’t really maneuver very well, plus, she really really really dislikes water.  She’s also been very sad since Kainan, our oldest son, moved out.  She used

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Our Family Youtube Channels

Oh Sail Yes The channel with our general adventures for you to watch **COMING December 2015** These will include snippets from the other channels here and there, but this channel is mostly meant to capture the general idea of who we are, the places we go and the adventures we discover. This channel will be

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That Post All About the Crew

This is the hard part.  Trying to summarize “us” to those who are new… and thus, this page will probably always be a work in progress. You may want to entertain yourself by reading Patrick’s history, which is what brought this all about:  Patrick’s Backstory Starts Here You can also watch the kids first impromptu interview

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