01 The Beginning

I thought I’d take the time to compile a page that would make it a little easier for our readers to see how this all began. Now that we’ve passed the “One Year” mark since this story began, I’ve been revisiting old posts myself and thought you all might be interested in seeing how our journey went and the backstory behind WHY it began in the first place. I wasn’t being terribly organized when I first started blogging about this (I started on a free wordpress account and was really just documenting for myself and some of my friends to keep up with us). Now, trying to follow along with the story from the beginning feels like a challenge.



The Conversation that Started it All: One Year Later


July through August

*Making the decision to try out Boat Life, plus the processes of buying a boat, all of the emotional thoughts AND Patrick’s back story.


Patrick’s Posts


The Story: Then it was Patrick’s turn, to tell his story (you’ll want to read this… he’s an amazing writer!) and how this whole dream came to be in the first place.

Catching up and Following the Dream

My First Sailing Experience

The Day My Mom Fell in the River

How NOT to Sail aka Running Aground

**Coming Soon! (Everyone post on our Facebook Page and ask Patrick to finish the story!!! Maybe he’ll listen to you! 🙂 


11-Purple Monkeys-Sailing-Sailing-Technical-stuff

The Technical Stuff

The Process of Buying a Boat

Getting the Survey done on the Boat (Part 1)

Getting the Survey done on the Boat (Part 2)

Costs of the Boat Buying Process

Whilst getting the survey done… we found our 1st Problem

Plans aka When it All Goes Tits Up (my husband can be so eloquent!)

Remnants of Tropical Storm Erica



The Pets:

Taking Dogs on a Boat

Microchipping Your Pets

Pets, Vets & International Travel

FAQ About Having Pets on Board


swearing- language-warning-11-purple-monkeys

Byn’s Posts

Right before we decided to leave on this boating adventure, we had opened a business. We got a lot of questions of, “What About the Business

Once I’d agreed on trying out the whole crazy living on a boat idea, Patrick had found a boat that he wanted to look at. Since the boat was in Florida, Patrick flew out and took a video tour to show us back home. That way we could at least see the boat in some way to make our choice.

And just like that, we were in the process of buying a boat. I had more than a few doubts and fears that I wrote about in Boat Owner? WHAT?  It certainly didn’t help at all when the lovely Perimenopause and Hot Flashes started before we even left!

Eventually I started getting excited about it and was looking forward to our upcoming Life Cleanse & celebrating Patrick & I and our silly side.

I really wanted to write down some things just to have them to compare… like how I THOUGHT the boat experience would be, before I really had a clue, so I could go back later and see how far off I was. In that vein, I wrote 10 Things I’ll Miss About Land Living and 10 Things I WON’T Miss About Land Living.

I promise to keep it REAL, during the Good, the Bad and The Profanity Laden Days



The Teenagers

We brought along 4 teens. I had them write a post and did a little impromptu interview covering their thoughts before we left for the boat.

Their first Pre-Move Interview

Abyni (15) 10 Things I’ll Miss About Living on Land

Jaedin (19) 10 Things I’ll Miss About Living on Land

Paris (17) 10 Things I’ll Miss About Living on Land

**Here’s where we keep all of our “10 Things” posts.

**Jaedin’s Updated: 10 Things I like About Living on a Sailboat