03 Bahamas


I remember being really nervous about going to the Bahamas because… well, I thought it might end up being really disappointing. I had my hopes up about turquoise waters and beautiful beaches, but our first two months in Florida were soooo disappointing that I started to worry that people were just hyping up the Bahamas too. I mean I always hear how amazing the Florida Keys are and all that, and while they weren’t awful (all the time), they weren’t what I was expecting.

So, as it got closer to heading across the Gulf Stream, I started to get a little concerned that we were going to make this HUGE journey only to be disappointed at the other side.

Then we did The Big Crossing to Bimini and saw the most beautiful sunset on the water… in sight of a long, glorious white beach. WOW. In hindsight, it was probably the least impressive beach ever, but at the time, compared to the gloomy, chilly, rainy weather in Florida, I felt like I was in paradise!

The next morning we ended up on a nice tour of the ocean when we got lost trying to find the Customs and Immigration Department to Check ourselves in to the Bahamas and get our visitor Visas, stamp our passports, check the pets in… all that good stuff.

Also check out our COST OF CRUISING page to see how much it cost for us to stay in the Bahamas for 8 months!



I did blog posts about each of my favorite/eventful places with lots of photos and thoughts:

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Virtual Beach Videos


I also started doing ‘Virtual Beach’ videos in the Bahamas. I love love LOVE getting some time to myself on the beach and just sitting there, listening to the waves while I read. I started to think that if only I could bottle that feeling and share it… and I realized that I COULD, in a way. I decided to take the video camera with me one time. I set it near the edge of the beach and hit record. I changed the view every once in a while and just made an hour long virtual beach video. I’ll be posting those once a month, if you want to join me for some beach time. Have a drink, read a book, fall asleep to the sound of the waves, whatever floats your boat!

And of course, there was our first big Hurricane experience in Georgetown, when Hurricane Matthew passed over us. Patrick spent the hours up to and for a few days after the storm documenting through video, photos and updates with information about the aftermath.

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