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The Beginning: Florida

Episode 00 ROAD TRIP to Meet Our Very First Sailboat!


This is where it all started! The beginning from the time we packed up our home and set off on a road trip from Oklahoma to West Palm, FL. Meet the kids and get a glimpse of the personalities of our crew!

Episode 01 The First Day on Our Boat (With a partial Boat Tour)


We explore the boat in amazement as we see how big it really is. The kids find their bunks, fall in the water a couple of times, do some acro yoga and experience our first day on a sailboat!

Episode 02 The First Two Weeks Aboard


In this episode, we have our first adventure motoring down the ICW, learning how to get on (and off) of the mooring ball, docking for the first time and the long process of moving all of our things on board. Then we were ready to head south for a haul out and repairs… but our boat had other plans. :/

Episode 03 Crewman #6 Meet Jazz!


Time to Pick up Jazz (Crewman #6) and get a lot of work done on the boat between exploring Ft. Lauderdale

Episode 04 Our first Guests! Kainan and Kara 


Our son and his girlfriend come down to visit us in Florida during Christmas break. The weather didn’t cooperate and we spent most of the 10 days making our way from Miami, down to Islamoralda and Marathon, FL often in the rain and cold, sneaking in short trips to the beach when we could, doing some snorkeling and then trying to stop our anchor from dragging us into other boats and fighting our way through storms. Next time we hope they’ll come visit us in the tropics instead!

Episode 05 The Haul Out


Our big old boat gets hauled out of the water (after taking so long that I ran most of my camera batteries down) and we inspect for needed repairs… finding plenty to do.

This was quite the ‘adventure’ aka STRESSFUL time for me. I wish I had video of my total panic attack from climbing to the top of the boat, but alas, you’ll have to do with the first part of all of our repairs and work instead… as usual, this is a learning process for all of us, so of course some mistakes were made (burning, melting epoxy? Check!), but we got things done and learned a lot in the process!

We also had a bit of a chance to check out Key Largo while we were hauled out and found some great deals around town.

Episode 06 The Haul Out, part 2


Even though I cut a LOT of footage out, there were just too many things going on with the haul out that I wanted to keep. Watch as we finish up the bottom paint, make a few more repairs and things… and prepare to splash! Oh, and see Paris’ awesome tour of the facilities at the boat yard.

Special/Bonus Videos

The Bahamas Trailer:





Coming Soon!

Episode 07 Provisioning and Prepping for the Bahamas


This is our last episode before we leave the US. We do some provisioning, some repairs and of course have some down time to enjoy the water. See what its like to prepare for a long journey to the Bahamas with our crazy crew of six!

Episode 08 The Bahamas! Bimini, Bahama


In this episode, we finally do our first crossing from Rodriguez Key in Key Largo, FL to Bimini, Bahama. Its an adventure with lots of waves, lots of sailing and commentary by the crew as we go… and finally get our first glimpse of the white sand beaches of the Bahamas and do a little exploring of the crystal clear waters. There are of course some mistakes and mishaps, but I’m not naming any names Winking smile

Episode 09 Bimini, Bahama


The crew spends a few days at their first uninhabited island at Gun Cay and explores ‘The Sapona’, a shipwreck near Bimini. Then its time to leave and head for the crossing to the Berry Islands and one of our favorite places!

Episode 10 Hoffman’s Cay & Blue Hole


After visiting Great Harbor Cay, We make our way to the Berry Islands an amazing little cove with a bunch of awesome uninhabited islands, white sand beaches and spend some time exploring and relaxing. The crew visits the ‘Blue Hole’, Patrick and Abyni go for a dinghy ride through the mangroves and Tiberius makes a new friend.

Episode 11 Nassau to the Exumas


Working our way down the Bahamas, we hit Nassau for a night at the dock (what an adventure it was trying to dock again after being at anchor for months!) then made our way to the Exumas. Lots of sailing after our starter quits and leaves us without an engine and the rest is just enjoying the cruising life!

Bonus Video! Swimming with Dolphins (in Georgetown, Bahamas)


Episode 12 BREAKDOWN


Bonus Video: Tiberius makes a friend in Hoffman’s Cay


After losing our starter (and thus the engine) right as we got to Alan’s Cay, the start of the Exumas, we had even more adventure when our sail fell off in the middle of the ocean… Yikes!

And So Much More to Come!!!

Abyni also has her own channel for her music videos that we film as we visit new places and her aerial silks videos that we do on the boat or local beaches whenever the weather cooperates.


Aerial Silks Videos: