The Cruising Life: Women’s Perspectives


30+ women contributed to this blog series about women who are living/lived the cruising life. Whether they’ve been cruising for 6 months or for years, these are the perspectives of various women from different parts of the world. I know I’m already learning from their stories, I hope you can learn something new as well! I’ll be posting a question from this series every Wednesday, with an occasional “bonus” question here and there on the occasional Friday, so keep an eye out for our posts!

If you are a current or former cruising woman and would like to contribute to future posts or series, please email me at with the subject line “Cruising Questions from Byn” and I’ll send you the list of questions. Answer as many as you like and return with a few photos and I’ll add your contribution as we go!

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A New Part is posted every Wednesday and Friday

Part 1: What Makes it Worth it?



Part 2: What Would You do Differently?



Part 3: What has been your most surprising experience?



Part 4: Where Would You Revisit? 



Part 5: What is Your Favorite Physical Activity Onboard?



Part 6: What were the biggest struggles for you in your first year? How did you deal with them to get through?



Part 7: What Technology is Essential for You?



Part 8: What is your best piece of advice for people who are getting ready to take off on a cruising adventure?



Part 9: What has been your scariest moment?


Part 10: Best Budget Friendly Ideas? 


Part 11: Best Social Media (blog/social media/youtube marketing) advice

Part 12: Best “Life Hack” solutions you’ve found when living aboard 

Part 13: What is the best/your favorite photo you’ve taken


ANONYMOUS POSTS **email me at if you’d like to participate in any of these posts:


Part 14: How has the cruising life affected your marriage/relationship? Any advice for others? 



Part 15: How has the cruising life affected your sex life? Any advice for others? 



Part 16: Your biggest struggle on board and how you dealt with it? (November 30)


Part 17: Most embarrassing story from your cruising life? (December 2)


Part 18: Do you struggle with feeling isolated? How do you deal with that? (December 7)


Part 19: Do you struggle with any emotional or mental health issues that have made it more challenging to do the cruising life? (December 9)

Final Thoughts: What do you wish people knew about you/your boat/your life? (December 15)