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Thanks for keeping up with us on our journey! We appreciate the support through your comments, ‘likes’ on YouTube and facebook and sharing our posts/blog with others. Thanks for all of the encouraging words and input you’ve given us.

For those of you who would like to ‘buy us a drink’ from afar, here is your chance! I have to admit sometimes it might go towards extra data to keep us in contact with you all on social media… but in all reality, a cold drink on a hot day is pretty awesome, too!

Thanks for the drink and CHEERS!

The Oh Sail Yes Crew

Tiberius & (Captain aka Dad) Patrick


Byn aka Mom, Videographer, Blogger, Vlogger


Jaedin: Fisherman, Free Diver, Techie Repairman


Abyni, Singer, Guitarist, Ukulele player and Artist (She will use her donations towards chocolate instead of drinks. Just FYI 🙂