Boat Photos & Video

Here is a photo post for the Boat For Sale post. There are links to blog posts that I made as we were living on the boat as well, if you want more information, you can click through to those. Once the boat gets to the US (we expect this will be before the end of May) then there will be NEW video and NEW photos taken once we get our own belongings out of the way, so there can be newer photos available.

Here is the video with the first view of the outside of the boat, the deck, the pilot house and a short glimpse into the galley/salon area and one of the cabins:

The Pilot House:

The Galley/Salon Area:

This is an example of the kind of storage this boat has. Patrick is standing in one section of the area under the VBerth mattress where we’re storing provisions. We were able to store months worth of food and things under here. You can see a more detailed post on all of the storage areas in the salon, galley and vBerth here. There is a LOT more storage outside of those areas, but we were able to provision and store everything we needed food and household wise inside these areas. For 3 months worth of things for 6 people.

Aft Cabins:

Side Cabins

The heads are SMALL, so it was pretty impossible to get any decent photos, but you can see more of my attempts in this post. This is the smaller Aft head. The forward head has TONS of storage space.

And of course, the salon is great for family game nights!

Here is the “broken” trampoline… which we actually used more, because its actually more comfortable to sit on.

Patrick putting up a tapestry as shade:

The proper, non-broken trampoline.


Here is a video tour that Patrick took when we first looked at the boat in 2015. This will give you the layout of the boat, the storage areas and an idea of the capacity, the cabin sizes, the galley layout, etc. It IS shaky. As in REALLY shaky in places. He was in a hurry trying to get all of it filmed before his phone battery ran out.

PLEASE NOTE: This video is from 2015 BEFORE we had four animals living aboard for nearly two years. All of the cushions will have to be recovered. The foam is fine, but the fabric that was covering them did not hold up well.



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