Well then. I (Byn) left the boat back on October first. Patrick was supposed to keep blogging about the boat journey, but he’s just really not the type to blog/journal regularly. He’s posted pretty regularly on the Oh Sail Yes Facebook Page, though. Here is a crazy-rambling post to at least get you a little up to speed on what has been going on with us. I’ll write more later. Feel free to comment with any questions and I’ll try to answer them.

He had some awesome times exploring the Dominican Republic, though!

At any rate, I hope at some point he’ll write out his experience with the horrible-losing the mast-trip from Turks and Caicos to the Dominican Republic, but since I wasn’t there, I can’t write it myself. You guys will have to comment and maybe inspire him to write. 🙂

All cruisers know that plans are written in the sand at low tide, and the last year and a half has more than proven that. Hell, our life on LAND seemed to vacillate enough. Add to it all the variables that come with boat life and well, you get some crazy challenges with “planning.”

As I posted, the boat life brought some struggles in regards to our marriage that neither of us were expecting. When I left the boat in October to come back and visit my ‘land kids’ it was just supposed to be a short visit. Maybe two months at most.

Well, that’s not how it went. When it came time for me to go back, the boat was still not quite in Puerto Rico where we had planned to meet back up (flights to P.R. are cheap from the US). We kept waiting for the plans to come together, but after the mast incident, it was obvious that the boat wasn’t going to make it to Puerto Rico soon.

By that point (after many days of rough sailing) both kids on the boat (Abyni and Jaedin) were more than ready for a BIG break from boat life. Especially when they anchored in the D.R where the pollution made it impossible to fish or swim or really enjoy the water in any way. So then the plan changed again. Abyni and Jaedin flew back to the US to spend time with the rest of our family for Christmas.

*not pictured, Jazz & Paris who had other plans that day

Patrick stayed on the boat. I’ll write more about our marriage work stuff later. Suffice it to say, we both took some time to really concentrate on working on our own issues apart so that we could be more solid as a couple together.

A few more months and Patrick and I were in constant contact via FB messenger. We could not seem to make any solid plans. Our new 30HP dinghy motor was stolen. The engine in the boat was still not working, even with a new starter. The mast still wasn’t up. Our boat was going nowhere… and wasn’t going to be going anywhere for the near future.

Patrick and I had been apart for 5 months at that point and couldn’t handle being apart any longer. Keep in mind that until this boat journey, we had never been apart longer than two weeks at a time, and that probably only happened a handful of times in 22 YEARS. We needed to get back to the same location, for even a visit, to see how things were going to play out.

Patrick ended up flying back to the US for a 3 week visit. That solidified one thing for us, we were going to stay together, no matter what, no matter where. The *Us* was far more important than location.

Plus, Patrick had some much needed “Grandpa” time building a playset for our grandsons while he was here!

That still left us with no concrete plan as to the where and the what. Patrick and Jaedin ended up back at the boat. The mast was raised (and the base was thoroughly redone with far more structural integrity than it had before), our dinghy motor had been found (but not recovered… that is yet another adventure that Patrick can write about some day!) and leaving the D.R was finally possible. But where to go? That we couldn’t figure out.

Abyni had applied and gotten into a local (free) tech school starting in the fall of 2017. We knew that we’d need to be back in OK for that. We still desperately wanted to keep the boat and spend the rest of the spring/summer on the boat. 

Two main problems with that: The heat was way too much for me (as it was already becoming uncomfortable for Patrick and Jaedin on the boat) and the boat was still in the D.R. meaning that time was running out to get the boat somewhere with clean water.  PLUS, if we were going to sell the boat, sailing it even further away from the US just seemed like a bad plan.

We were back and forth on the drawing board for weeks. Months, to be more accurate. We thought about sailing back up through the Bahamas for the summer and then back to the US to sell the boat. We thought about taking the boat to Puerto Rico and leaving it on a mooring ball until winter break when we could all fly down as a family and have a nice vacation. We went through several scenarios involving the boat and the boat life. I desperately wanted to get back to the boat before being ‘stuck’ back on land for a school year. Especially after being here for 7 months already!

Finally, towards the end of April, the boat was almost ready to go… but in the end, we decided that our time with this boat was at an end. There were too many things that we kept thinking of changing for our own situation (#1 was air conditioning!) and we no longer needed a boat for six people, when there was only going to be 3-4 people aboard… and two of those people aren’t going to be living with us indefinitely!

I don’t think it has really registered yet. I mean, the boat still has to get from the Dominican Republic, cleaned out, listed and sold… so its still “ours” for the time being. The tides have definitely shifted, though. We’re going to be boatless for the next year.

Our future plans definitely involved another boat, although next time we’re probably going to try and find one on the NW coast of the US or maybe another country entirely. We loved so many aspects of the boat life and are looking forward to more travel. For the next year, though, with school and all that comes with it… we’re looking towards another adventure. We’ll be mostly staying in one place, yes, but we definitely have more travel plans coming up. It involves more ‘Land Cruising’ than the ocean for now, but… Well, I guess I’ll leave some details for the next post 🙂

Thanks for keeping up! Look for a “Norman Cross Trimaran for Sale” post coming soon! Patrick is working on a FAQ page in between prepping the boat to sail back to the US where we will list it for sale. We’ll post here and to our facebook page when the time comes. Our FAQ Page is going to be updated, probably daily for the next week or so, with answers to the questions we’re getting about the boat.


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