Q&A Video: Answering Questions from Land Friends about the Sailboat Life (w/Byn)

While the Monkeys are in the process of sailing from Geoorgetown, Bahamas to Puerto Rico, I am still here on land for my visit with my grown land kids (and two grandsons!) A friend of mine was asking a bunch of questions, in addition to the list I already had going from our youtube and facebook page… so we decided to take an evening and have some fun with it.

So here it is, the real, official ME.

People keep asking me why I’m never in front of the camera… probably because I have no filter. Plus, I hate looking at myself on camera and I look like crap 98.75% of the time, so I don’t want to have to edit that. Anyway, here is our first “Between the Rum Bottles” Interview series. This is a condensed compilation that Kara at KS Visual Media filmed and edited for us. It definitely has some NSFW “salty” language in it.

The “Uncut” version will soon be available for our Patreon supporters on Our Oh Sail Yes Patreon page. **The uncut version not only has the same NSFW language, but it also has a lot more talk of heads and bodily functions in it, so be warned, this is not for the pansy types who can’t handle what some would probably call “graphic” discussions of all those things!

Here, for your entertainment (or at least to satisfy your curiosity) is the candid, real-talk, full of saltiness Me, wife and mom to the crew of S/V 11 Purple Monkeys.

Thanks for watching and supporting us! We look forward to more questions and answer sessions… so go ahead and ask those questions that you think people generally won’t answer and we’ll see if we’re up to the challenge!





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