YouTube Episode 11: Nassau to the Exumas!

Okay, so I have to apologize. Episode 11 took FOREVER to get uploaded. Hell, it took forever to get edited. Several things were holding me back. Some reasons are just due to my own flawed nature (ie: I suck at finishing things when I don’t feel *inspired* and honestly, I was feeling so stressed out by the constant physical discomfort, I wasn’t in the mood to read any comments bitching because I messed something up.)

I also had to deal with the fact that our main boat batteries went to crap early on. This wasn’t helped by poor use and running them dry (we had certain crew members who weren’t respecting the rules on turning off electricity when the power was low). It also didn’t help that we bought lower end batteries when we were starting out because we (once again) weren’t sure this whole boat life thing was going to be viable and honestly, we didn’t have the money to drop $2,500 on the *right* batteries when we first left. We’ll be remedying that shortly, but nonetheless, I was having to shut down my gimpy laptop by 5:00 every evening because the battery doesn’t last at all.

That might not seem like much, but when you’re a night owl and get your first burst of creativity at 4:30 in the afternoon, it’s a bit of a hindrance to productivity.

Not to mention knowing that it would take eight HOURS of sitting in town at a picnic table to upload one video and I knew that I’d soon be back in the states with UNLIMITED electricity and fairly fast WiFi soon. (My adult kids bought me a ticket back to visit them).

Add to that the fact that in this episode, I got to edit and relive an incredibly stressful day. It wasn’t fun to try and edit those clips.

So, there you have it, Episode 11: Arriving in Nassau, docking for the first time in a good long while (with some sort of success, eventually). Then heading to Allen’s Cay, where the current was crazy, the place was packed with boats AND OUR STARTER WENT OUT… and a bit more.




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