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The Cruising Life: Women’s Perspectives. Part 4: Where Would You Revisit?

A lot of cruising women were awesome enough to contribute to this blog series about women who are living/lived the cruising life. Whether they’ve been cruising for 6 months or 30 years, these are the perspectives of various women from different parts of the world. I know I’m already learning from their stories, I hope you can learn something new as well! I’ll be posting a question from this series every Wednesday and Friday for the 10 week series, so keep an eye out for our posts! The topics range in topic from typical cruising questions, to more personal anonymous stories that might make you feel like you’ve met a kindred spirit.

If you are a current or former cruising woman and would like to contribute to future posts or blog series, please email me at with the subject line “Cruising Questions from Byn” and I’ll send you the list of questions. Answer as many as you like and return with a few photos and I’ll add your contribution as we go!

Of all of the places that you’ve been thus far, where would you most like to return to?


Sapona Jump

Abyni @AbynisInstagram I really enjoyed the Sapona shipwreck, there was so much to do such as climbing to the top (even just for the view) or jumping off of the top into the watering or even snorkeling underneath, there were some truly amazing sights to see there. I wrote about it in my 10 Favorite Things About Living on a Boat.
Alexandra @SVBanyan We get asked that question a lot. And it sure is one of the hardest to answer. In our four years of sailing, we have returned to some islands, and are constantly adding new places to our list. But we are unable and hesitate to pick a favourite.

Each place is different. Each land marks you. All experiences influence your (un)like factor. Travel touches your soul and changes your perspective.

For example, one of our most worrisome (in our first year of cruising and we were inexperienced newbies) was Dominica! Now, it’s one of our favourites; for the rugged beauty, our love of hiking, and its people. And we always eagerly anticipate returning to the French islands in the Carribean, as they just always seem to fulfill our wants and needs: love of good food, wonderful friendly people, and beautiful lands to explore. The Bahamas for its gin clear waters. And the list goes on, so as you can see, all that to say, that we really don’t have a favourite.

Barb @SVMelindaKay I loved sailing off the coast of the Gulf coast of Florida – I know we’ll be back to sail there again.
Barb @HartsatSea The Azores. We loved the Azores. We spent over 9 weeks there in 2014 (Yes, we had a bit of a Schengen issue. My bad.) We were known as “The Americans Who Love the Azores”. We started learning Portuguese, we hiked on every island, we visited their museums and churches, we attended their festivals—we love the Azores. When we set sail again, we will go back there.



Carla @SVMahi We both did our offshore sail training in the South Pacific.  We would love to revisit several countries there- especially Vanuatu and the Cook Islands in the next few years.  In the Caribbean, we really fell in the love with the Bahamas, particularly Eleuthera and The Berry Islands.

Carly @SaltyKisses It was a challenge but I really enjoyed Greenland, we got to go to places that not many people have been. The communities are untouched and still living a raw life. We plan on returning but maybe when the kids are a bit older or in college, we missed out on a lot of hiking opportunities because there little legs just couldn’t do it. Like most Americans we love the Bahamas too, the waters are stunning and the kids are easily entertained on the calm beaches. We will be returning to the Bahamas this summer.

Cheri @SVConsort Exumas Land and Sea Park, Warderick Wells, Staniel Cay and Crooked Island.


Crystal @LetitBreeze  I wrote a blog post on Our Five Favorite Places, but for me the excitement of traveling somewhere new always outweighs my desire to return to the known.

CJ @SVRagnarok Well we have only been two places so far, anchored at dauphin island right now and enjoying it. Doubt I’ll want to come back here once we get to the Caribbean, though.



Duwan @MakeLikeanApeMan Unfortunately we have not been able to travel to many places yet – but definitely so far the Exumas, Bahamas has been my favorite. The people there are amazing – friendly, inviting and resourceful. I love the crystal blue water and the rugged landscape. I love that there are still places in the Exumas that hardly anyone goes to. Being there – out in the middle of nowhere swinging on a chain makes me feel so lost, but found at the same time.

Jenny @SVRocketScience Oh boy. Probably Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It’s a wonderful place, we spent a lot of time there and made so many friends (which I miss dearly). I could name a few others, all for different reasons. Vancouver Island, for it’s spectacular natural beauty. The San Blas Islands, the most amazing tropical location. Newfoundland, for it has the friendliest people in the world and spectacular scenery.
Katy @SV-KlickitatII There are about 20 places in Mexico I’d love to return to, but Isla Isabella is perhaps highest on the list. It’s like the Galapagos – you can walk right up to tame blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigatebirds while they sit on their nests. Drake Bay in Costa Rica was a highlight this year, as was the Panama Canal – nothing like it, and the fact that the locks/gates/systems still work flawlessly after all these years.

Kerry @YouNevaKnow Definitely return to Exumas Bahamas and French Polynesia – the best places in the world by far! I loved swimming with pigs, sharks, dolphins, whales, manta rays and stingrays.



Kristie @Sale2Sail Guadeloupe!!! We absolutely LOVED all of the islands around Guadeloupe, especially the nature reserve of Iles des les Petit Terre. Here area couple of pictures of the wildlife we saw there and underwater world was amazing!! This spot is not written about in any cruising guides and we had the entire island and beaches to ourselves. You have to beat into the wind to get there but it is well worth it and a spot we could have spent much more time.


Laura @FortuneAfloat We enjoyed the Sea of Cortez, Kuna Yala, Bonaire, and the Windwards and Leewards, but Cartagena, Colombia was our favorite stop so far and we would love to visit it again. The town is rich in history and culture, has many excellent restaurants, a favorable peso-to-dollar exchange rate, the locals are friendly and helpful, the taxis are plentiful and cheap, and the medical services first rate.


Liza @SVInspiration  Bahamas. Hands down, BAHAMAS. In our first year out, we spent 8 months in the Bahamas. Loved every moment of it. Except THIS. Once we are ‘done’ with the Eastern Caribbean (maybe in two or three years), we plan to make the Bahamas our cruising ground indefinitely.

TravelPod 3

“Blinding Exuma Waters” – The water is almost blinding with the sun high in the sky! This is Inspiration anchored at Staniel Cay right after we left Cambridge Cay in the Exuma Land and Sea Park. We volunteered for the park for 5 weeks in 2014. We were the “resident boat” in that mooring field. We like having the opportunity to “help out” in the communities we visit.

Melinda Taylor
Indonesia, especially the far eastern islands like Gili Nila or Banda.


Sarah @YoginiSailor  San Blas, Panama and Cuba

Stacey @SVSmitty Without a doubt, I would love to go back to the Bahamas, especially Stocking Island. We spent four months traveling primarily throughout the Exumas with shorter trips to Bimini, the Berries, Nassau, Eleuthera, Cat Island, Conception Island, and Long Island. I want to go back to visit areas that we missed like the Abacos and the Ragged Islands. But, I have only been cruising for a bit over a year and only just got to the Caribbean a few months ago; I have so much more that I want to see before I can head back north.

Susie @Wanderings Fiji and the west coast of Scotland; the first because of the people and the second because it has by far been the best cruising ground we’ve visited.

Tammy @ThingsWeDidToday That’s an easy one…Ile A Vache, Haiti – Our time there was so short because a cold front came down and provided us with optimal conditions for continuing onward so we left.  But we hope that our path takes us back there some day.  We have two blog posts on our visit: Ile Vacha Isn’t Haiti  and Haiti Lite Ile Vache


Byn @OhSailYes As I’ve said in earlier posts, we’re coming up on our one year anniversary as live aboards, so I don’t have as much experience to pull from as some people. We’ve been in the Bahamas for almost 8 months now and we’re all ready to MOVE ON… not because we don’t like it here, but because we’ve been basically stuck in Georgetown since April due to engine issues. We didn’t move onto a boat to sit in one spot this long. We’re ready to see new places and explore different areas of the Caribbean and then onward. I will say that after we go exploring for a while, I can totally see coming back to explore the Bahamas again. My favorite places that I’d like to revisit would be Hoffman’s Cay & The Sapona Shipwreck. I would also like to visit the Abacos and some other places in the Bahamas that we never got to, thanks to our broken down engine.



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