Cost of Cruising: Bahamas, Month 7

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Happy Birthday Jaedin!!! Jaedin turned 20 years old on August 30th. His friends from poker threw him a birthday part, complete with PIZZA… Holy cow, DELICIOUS pizza! Thanks to all of his friends from Georgetown: George & Gillian from St. Francis, Ashley & Warren from S/V Swish, Kip & Dave from S/V Alexaleia (sp?), Donna & Jettie from S/V Dutchess. It was an AWESOME birthday Smile


Jaedin has also been having a lot more luck with fishing, although unfortunately a lot of the big fish here are ciguatera risks, so we haven’t been eating a lot of them.

August 17 – September 16

Yes, we’re still in Georgetown. We’re working on the boat, getting things ready to leave and head for Puerto Rico mid to late October. My ‘land kids’ bought me a ticket back to Oklahoma to visit on October first, so we’ll be hanging around here until then, at least. I’ll fly back to the boat once they get to Puerto Rico and we’ll continue our cruising adventure! I’m really looking forward to seeing new places, but I’m also going to miss the friends we’ve made here!

Ahhh… another month of motor issues, thankfully they waited until it was almost the end of the ‘month’, but still. Apparently our dinghy motor felt that we were spending too much time, money and attention on the boat’s main engine. Patrick spent some money on things to try and fix it, but as it turns out, without extra parts (and we’re not sure WHICH extra parts), we have no dinghy motor for the time being. Thankfully Jettie and Donna from Dutchess are loaning us their dinghy for the time being until we find a new engine.

And yes, Patrick is kicking himself for not stocking up on dinghy motor spare parts while we were in Florida.

General/Monthly Expenses: **The expenses that are new/pretty much one time expenses are in blue

  • ENTERTAINMENT $100  Patrick and Abyni joined Jaedin at poker a few times. (Abyni won/placed 3-4 times, for a total for $50. She also performed for the regulars at poker, who took up a collection for the entertainment and made another $45. Not bad for a 15 year old!)
  • Water: $0.00  Free R.O. water on land. Just take your containers to the faucet by the dinghy docks and fill up. We made sure to take all of our containers each time we made a trip to the ‘town side’ of the harbour. We can only carry 20-25 gallons at a time, so it takes a few trips! The two of us seem to do fine by filling up all of our containers on our once-a-week trips to town.
  • Fuel: $75 We had just filled our tanks when the motor broke down… of course. But it still works in Donna and Jettie’s dinghy that is actually WAYYYYY better on gas than ours!
  • $18 carbuerator cleaner
  • $100 oil for engine (2 gallons for the main boat engine to replace the oil that had gotten salt water in it)
  • Propane: $30.
  • Trash: $9 It costs $3.00 a bag if you take your trash to shore. We try to keep it to one bag a week or less, which is surprisingly not at ALL difficult. I’m constantly surprised at how little trash we create since moving aboard
  • Food & Alcohol: $306
  • Adobe Creative Cloud $50/mo (Video and photo editing program mostly for editing video episodes for our YouTube channel!)
  • Delorme Outreach $15.00/mo.
  • Web Hosting (blog) for 365 days $125
  • Data/Wifi: $85ish? We have been buying the 5GB data plan for $50.00 a month. However, that 5GB lasts us almost exactly 3 weeks, so I’m guesstimating here. I also spent $10.00 on a burger and fries when I was in at RedBoones using the WiFi for 7 HOURS to upload our most recent YouTube video Episode 10.



*I was surprised at the total for this month. I didn’t think we’d spent that much more than a typical month, but I guess with a few extra expenditures (and Patrick goes to town WAY more often than Jaedin and I did) and two more people, it makes sense that we spent more. I am ready to leave the Bahamas and the high priced groceries behind! I will provision MUCH more before we come back here in the future.

Desert of the month: Exuma Markets had these little apples on sale for 3/$125 so we bought a few. I removed the core and wrapped them in bread dough, stuffing the core with a little sugar and cinnamon. Baked on the grill until the bread was done and these were a FANTASTIC treat. MMmmmmm! When you don’t have the budget to go out for meals, it pays to be able to make yummy things at home!


See all of our previous “Cost of Cruising” Posts



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