Oh Sail Yes! YouTube Episode 10: The Berry Islands, Hoffman’s Cay… The Easy, Chill Side of the Cruising Life

In Episode 10, we make a slight mistake in the choice of our route, but other than that, we really just enjoy the laid back cruising life. I think we were all ready for some calm days after yet another crazy sailing experience.


We spend most of our days at Hoffman’s Cay, a circle of uninhabited islands with a little harbor that we pretty much had all to ourselves. Most of the the crew visits the Blue Hole nearby, the dogs have fun making friends with a crab… and, well, its just boat life!



EPISODE 11: The crew has to figure out how to dock the boat again as we make our first marina/dock visit in MONTHS in Nassau. Our engine fails and the kids have a bit of an adventure in Alan’s Cay.


EPISODE 12: CRAP! While we’re sailing with NO engine, our jib sail fall OFF in the middle of the ocean, with no towing services anywhere nearby…



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