Cost of Cruising: Unexpected Costs (Month 6 in the Bahamas)


Patrick and Abyni arrived back in Georgetown via the airport this month!

This post includes some of those “unexpected” costs. They aren’t REALLY completely unexpected so much as they just can’t really be scheduled. You can budget for repairs or whatever, but I couldn’t say “Hey, in month 6 we’re going to need an extra $2,000.00 for travel and engine parts”.

Basically, this is when the ‘bill’ came due (ie: we had the financial means and the best timing to get our replacement starter while Patrick and Abyni were in the US) as well as the costs of travel that Patrick and Abyni accrued by leaving Oklahoma and making their way back to us in Georgetown. BUT, it also means that WE HAVE OUR HUMANS BACK AFTER NEARLY 3 Months apart!!!

The two of us back at the boat (Jaedin and Byn) had pretty much the same expenses as we’d had the prior two months:

General/Monthly Expenses:

  • ENTERTAINMENT $50  Jaedin had been going to play poker to or three times a week. It’s a $5.00/$10.00 buy in and you can’t really lose more than  that. The $10.00 buy in nights add up quickly, so he can’t go as often (unless he wins often enough to pay for it),
  • Water: $0.00  Free R.O. water on land. Just take your containers to the faucet by the dinghy docks and fill up. We made sure to take all of our containers each time we made a trip to the ‘town side’ of the harbour. We can only carry 20-25 gallons at a time, so it takes a few trips! The two of us seem to do fine by filling up all of our containers on our once-a-week trips to town.
  • Fuel: $65 We spent a bit extra on the dinghy gas this month because not only did Abyni and Patrick come back, but we also had friends who came to Georgetown on vacation while we were here and we made a few extra trips to spend with them (WELL worth the cost of gas!!!)
  • Propane: $00 We filled 2 propane tanks last month, so we managed to skip that cost this month. We’ll need to refill again next month, I’m sure, since Patrick and Abyni will be back by then.
  • Trash: $12 It costs $3.00 a bag if you take your trash to shore. We try to keep it to one bag a week or less, which hasn’t been too difficult for just Jaedin and I.
  • Food & Alcohol: $325 Since it has been just Jaedin and I again this month, we’re doing okay even though our provisions from FL are pretty much gone. I was really bad at keeping track of our food expenses, but I know we had a $100 budget each week and we always spent at least $20.00 a week on things other than food and alcohol, so it pretty much stayed the same again.
  • Data/Wifi: $75ish? We have been buying the 5GB data plan for $50.00 a month. However, that 5GB lasts us almost exactly 3 weeks, so I’m guesstimating here. We also went through data a bit faster this month, since I’m talking more with Patrick and Abyni back in the US since they’ve been gone forEVer.
  • Delorme Outreach $15.00/mo.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud $50/mo (Video and photo editing program mostly for editing video episodes for our YouTube channel!)

TOTAL: $582.00


These two were pretty freaking exhausted after a 50+ HOUR LONG BUS RIDE.

But this time we had the addition of a few extras:

$326.00 Starter for the boat.

$600 Travel costs (for Patrick and Abyni to Georgetown from Tulsa, OK)

  • Bus $138 ea. one way
  • Airfare $108 ea. one way
  • Food $100


$1,000 Extra food/supplies brought back

  • 2 pairs of glasses for Byn from,
  • Camera accessories: polarized lenses for the DLSR and the phone camera
  • Selfie stick
  • GoPro batteries
  • External harddrive (2TB)
  • Head Strap for GoPro
  • Harness and GoPro camera attachments for Tiberius
  • Frisbees for Tiberius
  • Guitar and ukulele strings
  • Binoculars
  • Benadryl spray x 4
  • Underwear (thanks to the dog who likes to chew up underwear!)
  • SD cards and USB keys for video AND for mailing videos back to the States for uploading
  • Waterproof iPhone case
  • Aux cords
  • iPhone/iPad chargers
  • New dog leashes (to replace the corroded ones)
  • Toilet paper (used as packing materials to cushion all of the other things)


  • Taco seasoning
  • Dry whole milk
  • Instant coffee
  • Coffee beans
  • Dried black beans
  • Popcorn
  • Sazon Tropical seasoning for fish & rice
  • Assorted other seasonings that we’ve used up (Steak seasoning, chili powder, garlic salt, diced onions)



TOTAL Extras: $1,926.00

$2,518 TOTAL MONTH Six in the Bahamas



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