Teen Post: 10 Things I Love About Living on a Sailboat by Abyni

1.  Swimming! I have always loved the water. In fact, I’m surprised I haven’t just turned into a fish yet. I  absolutely love anything to do with water and obviously I get to do a lot of swimming on the boat so WOOT WOOT!



2.  The warmth. I have always always always been freezing cold if it is under 80 degrees outside, so the boat is absolutely perfect for me. I love the Bahamas because the water is always perfect for swimming and the weather has just been perfect almost all the time.



3.  The adventure! I LOVE anything to do with traveling and exploring new places and all that jazz. I love that we’re getting to see so many amazing cool places. Plus, part of the fun is finding high places to jump off of! My mom says I’ve never been afraid of jumping in the water, even when I was 10 months old and would be the first to jump into pools, rivers, lakes… anywhere I could get to first!



4.  The wildlife. Since getting to the boat, i have learned so much, i have gone swimming with dolphins and all sorts of fish!



5.  Spare time. Since moving to the boat, I’ve been able to spend a lot more time focusing on my drawing and ukulele skills, and I’m so glad! My mom is helping me to make cool cover videos for my “Abyni Always” Channel, too.



6.  The sunlight and fresh air. It helps with my mood so much to have fresh air and sun and I’m so very thankful that I live on the boat.



7.  Exercise! I got so fit on the boat! All the exercise and cutting out sugar almost completely helped me get so fit and its awesome.



8.  Alone time. On the boat, its a lot easier to just shut out the world and have some alone time for a bit when you need it. I can kayak or paddleboard over to a quiet, empty beach and just be. Or, everyone else leaves and I stay home and play my ukulele!



9.  Music. I can play my music whenever I want and sing along and there’s nobody to complain about it. Mainly because mom, dad and Jaedin never complain. (And mom is usually singing along with me.)



10.  Nature! I love taking the dogs on long walks on the beach or hikes up around the island.


I figured I would like living on the boat. I was totally excited to go on this adventure… and I was RIGHT! I’ve been stuck back on land  with my dad for the last two and a half MONTHS. Two weeks was plenty… I’ve been reeeeally wanting to get back home to the boat since then! We finally have tickets for July 27th!!! I can NOT WAIT!

My most recent cover video, filmed on the beach in Georgetown!