Meet Our Galley and Salon: By the Numbers


Welcome to S/V 11 Purple Monkeys! This is our ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the galley and salon (Video tour coming in August on our Patreon Page!)

1. The pliers that we have to use to turn the knobs on the stove because Jaedin cooked tortillas using a griddle-size pan and the heat melted the plastic knobs. Awesome that knobs on a stove can’t hold up to heat! Wheee! Yeah, that’s added to our “ToDo” list! The stove is on slider type things so it pushes back under the cabinets when we’re not using it to give us more counter space.

2. The metal little handle there is to our refrigerator. The fridge actually is capable of working, but it would take more power than we’re willing to use for it… so just in front of the counter that hold our fridge is a small cooler that will hold exactly two cartons of eggs and one block of cheese, with just enough ice to make them last for most of a week (until we eat it all).

3. My “office” The space where all the magic happens. Editing videos takes up a LOT of my time, so I guess it’s a good thing I enjoy doing it! Its also where I’m sitting right now, typing up this post!

4. Part of our DVD collection. (There is also two spools and more movies on the starboard side) We’ve been collecting DVDs for 15 years or so, so most of these have been watched multiple times before we ever got on the boat. It’s a nice way to wind down some evenings after the sun goes down when no one wants to think or do anything that requires brain power Smile

5. The Unimpressed Llama. The llama came from our house on land. He is a creation of my own making, based on our oldest son, Kainan, who always had THE best “I am SO not impressed” face ever. He is surrounded by coloring book style wall paper that has sat unfinished for the last 2 1/2 months since Abyni and Paris aren’t here and they have all the pencils and markers! I need someone with coloring goodies to come visit and color my walls!

6. The pillows that are the only thing that make the starboard couch useable. It is terribly uncomfortable to try and sit on this couch normally because it is SO freaking shallow. However, it seems to suffice as more of a lounge type thing when we’re watching TV (#9) at night.

7. The Icemaker. The thing that saves our sanity on hot days so we can still have ice cold drinks, even without refrigeration.

8. This random ass shelf below the couch is a place to store SAND. Okay, I’m sure that isn’t what its supposed to be for, but the nice little ledge makes it nearly impossible to sweep all the sand from it. We finally took to using it as a shelf for our most used storage containers: Flour, Sugar, Oil, Dog Treats, Dried Beans, etc. They fit well and it works, but I really wish they’d have just made the couch (and the under couch storage) deeper instead.

9. The aforementioned TV. It came with the boat and has a built in DVD player. Its small, but even my blind self can see the screen, so its all good. Behind the TV is our shadow box, which was a drawer from Patrick’s father’s print shop that he had decades ago. Its pretty cool and a nice place to put cool shells and weird things that we find along our journey!

10. The place where we have the VHF charger (VHF = The closest thing we have to a phone to contact other boaters in the area). Also the place our most used condiments seem to end up. Ketchup, mustard, supplements, salt, peppers, Coffee syrup, important things like ibuprophen, etc.

Any questions? Things we should cover in the video we’ll be making later this week?



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