Cost of Cruising the Bahamas: Month 5

As usual, we are choosing to use anchorages and live as frugally as possible to extend our cruising time. We still need to replace the starter in our motor, but because of a growing list of “NEED TO DO” back in Oklahoma, we decided to just wait and have Patrick take care of the starter himself back on land. We’ll get that back when he returns later this month.


Baking bread on the back deck results in a few flying ‘friends’ showing up, hoping for scraps.

This is our budget for two people in month #5 (June 17 – July 16)


Saving money by using the kayak instead of the dinghy


  • **ENTERTAINMENT $40  Jaedin has been going to play poker twice a week. It’s a $5.00/$10.00 buy in and you can’t really lose more than  that. The $10.00 buy in nights add up quickly, so he can’t go as often (unless he wins often enough to pay for it), but its still worth it to do the $5.00 nights that pay for the few hours of fun he gets and all the new people he’s met.
  • Water: $0.00  Free R.O. water on land. Just take your containers to the faucet by the dinghy docks and fill up. We made sure to take all of our containers each time we made a trip to the ‘town side’ of the harbour. We can only carry 20-25 gallons at a time, so it takes a few trips! The two of us seem to do fine by filling up all of our containers on our once-a-week trips to town.
  • Fuel: $45 We were able to cut down on dinghy gas this month because we’ve used the kayak for our twice daily jaunts to shore and basically to go anywhere except poker and the shore once a week for food and gas. (dinghy gas only, since we are still without an engine on the boat and we try to limit our dinghy trips to town as much as possible because it is so far.)
  • Propane: $00 We filled 2 propane tanks last month, so we managed to skip that cost this month. We’ll need to refill again next month, I’m sure, since Patrick and Abyni will be back by then.
  • Trash: $12 It costs $3.00 a bag if you take your trash to shore. We try to keep it to one bag a week, which hasn’t been too difficult for just Jaedin and I.
  • Food & Alcohol: $325 Since it has been just Jaedin and I again this month, we’re doing okay even though our provisions from FL are pretty much gone. I was really bad at keeping track of our food expenses, but I know we had a $100 budget each week and we always spent at least $20.00 a week on things other than food and alcohol, so it pretty much stayed the same again.
  • Data/Wifi: $75ish? We have been buying the 5GB data plan for $50.00 a month. However, that 5GB lasts us almost exactly 3 weeks, so I’m guesstimating here. We also went through data a bit faster this month, since I’m talking more with Patrick and Abyni back in the US since they’ve been gone forEVer.
  • Delorme Outreach $15.00/mo.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud $50/mo (Video and photo editing program mostly for editing video episodes for our YouTube channel!)

TOTAL: $562.00


Bonus!!! Our resident engineer saves us money by fixing our electronics for us. This month he fixed our broken DSLRs, the ice maker and a laptop.



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