YouTube: Episode #5 The Haul Out, Part 1

Our big old boat gets hauled out of the water (after taking so long that I ran most of my camera batteries down) and we inspect for needed repairs… finding plenty to do.

This was quite the ‘adventure’ aka STRESSFUL time for me. I wish I had video of my total panic attack from climbing to the top of the boat, but alas, you’ll have to do with the first part of all of our repairs and work instead… as usual, this is a learning process for all of us, so of course some mistakes were made (burning, melting epoxy? Check!), but we got things done and learned a lot in the process!

We also had a bit of a chance to check out Key Largo while we were hauled out and found some great deals around town.





Enjoy Episode 5!

Leave a comment on YouTube if there is anything special/specific you’d like for us to address in a future episode!



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