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When You’re Feeling Like a Cranky Bitch

You might be thinking that living on a boat, traveling through the gorgeous Bahamas means that all of those awful Cranky Bitch days will magically disappear. Sadly, this is not the case.

********TMI WARNING **********

If you are squeamish hearing about female issues, don’t read this post. Period.





No matter how awesome your surroundings are, emotions still exist, bad days still happen and sometimes you just feel like a big old cranky bitch JUST FUCKING BECAUSE.

Okay, so its probably hormones. Or the BLOODY FUCKING GNATS THAT WON’T DIE. Or the fact that it is as hot as a sweaty ballsack here with no breeze. Or all of the mosquito bites that won’t stop ITCHING.

Perhaps its just a combination of all of those things and oh, I don’t know, maybe the fact that I haven’t seen my husband or my youngest child in over a MONTH.

Jaedin is here with me on the boat, but I haven’t seen my other kids for months. That is really fucking depressing.

Patrick left May 6th to go back to land and do what we thought would be 2, maybe 3 weeks of work sorting through the last of our things, selling our last car, etc. now that we’ve decided that this is definitely a life we want to continue. Instead the car is still being worked on at the mechanic, the first two weeks were full of so much rain that half of the yard stuff he needed to take care of (and the garage sale) had to be put off over and over. It is just taking too long. Abyni can’t come back until Patrick comes back, so still we sit here and wait. Patrick is stressed out of his damn mind. He doesn’t do well when we’re apart. Abyni is really homesick. We’ve never been apart more than two weeks before, and its getting really… old. And at this rate, we’re not even sure when they’ll be back. The car HAS to get fixed and sold before they come back, so it could be weeks yet.

So here I am, on a really hot, really humid day. I spent about an hour near the beach sitting up to my neck in the ocean, looking at my gloriously dream like surroundings… and still felt like a big old cranky bitch.

I’m not sure whether I’m more likely to scream and cuss or start bawling (FYI, I’m betting on the former).

My period made its appearance after disappearing for a few months in the form of waking me out of a deep sleep because I was lying in a pool of blood. FUCKING AWESOME. But it did make me think that maybe my mood is partially due to hormones this time.

I’m out of all sources of chocolate.

I miss Air Conditioning and a freezer. I don’t NEEEEEED them, but today I definitely miss them.

The ice maker isn’t keeping up today with this heat, so I’m going to go take my warm water in my mug and go sit in the ocean again for a while until I feel less cranky or less bitchy.

Just giving you all a reality check from my perspective. It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

ALTHOUGH, the other day I got a photo of this kick ass rainbow. It was pretty awesome Winking smile


And as usual, now that I’ve vented, I feel a million times better!!! Thanks for letting me vent.

ETA: I just got back from floating around in the water reading a humorous book and the wind has kicked in a bit, so I am DEFINITELY feeling better.