DIY Sunblock: Making Your Own Sunblock with Coconut Oil

When we first started talking about making the jump from our “stay inside in the A/C as much as possible” family to our “Let’s go live outside most of the time” family, one of my main concerns was sunblock. Especially for our pale child.

I researched and found some AWESOME UV protectant jackets on Amazon (I finally dug around long enough to find the ones that didn’t cost a bloody fortune).

Then I found a recipe for sunscreen thanks to Beverly Reed from WWS (Women Who Sail FB group)

From Dr. Axe website

Homemade Sunscreen

INGREDIENTS: (I ordered everything except the coconut oil from Amazon)

  • 10 drops lavender 
  • 1 tbsp pomegranate oil 
  • 3/4 C coconut oil (extra virgin, organic) 
  • 2 tbsp Zinc Oxide (non-nano, organic) 
  • 2 tbsp shea butter (extra-virgin, organic) 
  • Glass Jar. I just reused a “better than bullion” jar and made sure it was really clean so I didn’t smell like chicken 😉


  • Combine all ingredients except zinc oxide in a jar.
  • Place a saucepan with 2 inches of water on stove over medium/low heat.
  • Place jar in saucepan and stir contents until ingredients start to melt.
  • Once all ingredients are combined, add in zinc oxide and stir well. Store in a cool place. (Lol… cool place? Ummm, well, we do keep it out of the direct sun. Not sure there is an actually “Cool” place on our boat, thus the runny oil!)


It tends to separate when sitting still, but a quick shake and:



It goes on white


But rubs in most of the way, leaving me just a little zinc-pale Winking smile


We made some up and I must admit I was a LITTLE skeptical that putting oil on was going to work, and Paris still had some store bought sunscreen that she used at first, when she wasn’t wearing the UV jacket (She’s the white one here):


But I’ve also been using the homemade stuff, and while I am getting tan slowly, I haven’t had one sunburn, which is almost unheard of for me. Plus, it makes my skin feel great! I always used coconut oil at home for everything anyway, so this is a great addition! (Now, why didn’t I bring MORE COCONUT OIL WITH ME???)



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