Dear Paris, The Tempest Papers (Humorous, Salty Boat Cat)


For the last several months, I have been fighting serious writer’s block. I have probably a dozen or more blog posts that I thought sounded like a good idea, but ended up fizzling out before I even finished the first paragraph. I even tried to write more “Top Ten” lists, but really  never got much further than writing a list of numbers. 10 Things That Might Inspire Me to Write, 10 Songs I Have Stuck in My Head, 10 Things that Annoy Me When I’m PMSing and so on. I couldn’t think of anything FUN or good or inspired to write.

Things were getting bad.

Then one day, soon after Paris and Jazz left to go back to land, I was going through photos and saw a photo of Tempest that looked… well, like she was pissed off (which is not uncommon). I took that opportunity to read her mind and write a quick facebook post on Paris’ wall.



And suddenly, this cat had a voice and I had my inspiration. The Tempest Papers took off and I eventually started buying tuna for her occasionally, just so she’d stop bitching about it.

You can find more of her letters about the sailing life of a cat on Dear Paris, The Tempest Papers on Facebook and Instagram #tempestpapers



And yes, I do find myself talking to the cat as though I’m really reading all of these letters over her shoulder.

I even found myself apologizing the other day when all we had for her to eat was dry cat food!







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