Cost of Cruising: Month #3: The Bahamas (Georgetown, Exumas)

As usual, we are choosing to use anchorages and live as frugally as possible to extend our cruising time. We do need to replace the starter in our motor, but because of a growing list of “NEED TO DO” back in Oklahoma, we decided to just wait and have Patrick take care of the starter himself back on land. We’ll get that back when he returns later this month.


This is our budget in month #3 (April 17-May 16)


  • Water: $0.00  Free R.O. water on land. Just take your containers to the faucet by the dinghy docks and fill up. We made sure to take all of our containers each time we made a trip to the ‘town side’ of the harbour. We can only carry 20-25 gallons at a time, so it takes a few trips!
  • Fuel: $70 (dinghy gas only, since we are still without an engine on the boat and we try to limit our dinghy trips to town as much as possible because it is so far.)
  • Propane: $24.00 We filled a propane tank this month (there is a guy who comes to the docks once a week and will fill your tank while you wait. This is apparently cheaper than the other option of taking it into town before 10am and getting it back at 4pm that afternoon. Jaedin and I also had a full week of cooking over a firepit on shore after we ran out of propane and it took a bit to get back to town and get more. A friendly neighbor (S/V BoomDeYada) loaned us their spare tank for a few days after that week so that we didn’t have to cook outside on the rainy days.
  • Trash: $15.00 It costs $3.00 a bag if you take your trash to shore.
  • Food & Alcohol: $266 This number is going up every month as our provisions become less and less. We need to get somewhere inexpensive to provision and SOON! There are some food items here that aren’t bad, pricewise, but most of it it easily 2-3x what we paid in the US and some of it is even more costly than that. However, we do have to eat, so that’s that!
  • Data/Wifi: $70ish? We have been buying the 5GB data plan for $50.00 a month. This month I made a big error in that I tethered the phone to my laptop to upload blog posts and didn’t realize automatic updates had been turned back on (I HAD them turned off at some point) and that used 2GB of data over the course of one afternoon. OOPS. So we had to renew our data plan a week early so I could keep in touch with Patrick and Abyni when they flew back to Oklahoma for a couple of weeks. I’m not sure how to calculate that exactly, but I’ll just put $70 for an estimate.
  • Delorme Outreach $
  • Adobe Creative Cloud $50/mo (Video and photo editing program mostly for editing video episodes for our YouTube channel!)

TOTAL: $495

*Plus provisions we still had from our Big Provisioning Run back in Florida.

**We did buy plane tickets for Patrick and Abyni to go back home to Oklahoma. Abyni had a chance to go see her BFF and her siblings back home (and see Pentatonix in concert with Kara!) There were a bunch of things that needed Patrick’s attention (a couple of cars that needed to be fixed and sold, emptying the storage space, selling excess stuff from our garage, etc. That made it MORE than worth it to pay for the tickets, but still, airfare isn’t cheap. That easily added $1200 to our costs. I wasn’t sure whether or not to add that in, since I’m generally posting this for people to be able to see what it costs to live on a boat from month to month. I decided to just add it here, so that I don’t forget where that money went Winking smile and so that if you’re planning to go sail away, keep in mind that trips back home can get expensive, especially if you end up going back on a weekend or need a last minute ticket!

We had some more AMAZING *free* entertainment this month when the Family Regatta came to Gerogetown. We had several days of watching boat races followed by a celebration on the weekend. Then of course, there are the gorgeous waters, beautiful weather, incredible sunsets and beaches galore! This is still a completely stunning, surreal experience we’re having!






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