10 things I Like About Living on a Sailboat (by Jaedin)

Jaedin Always
1.    World/political news: I have no idea what the latest atrocity committed by mankind is, isn’t that wonderful? Wanna know my opinion on Donald Trumps latest idiocy? Too bad, because I haven’t heard of it.

2.    Distractions: Miraculously, it is much more difficult to distract yourself with video-games and internet when you lack video-games and internet and/or the electricity to use them. As a result, I have found that I am much more productive on the boat then I was back on land.

    3.    The weather: Although this is technically a result of location, the weather has been fantastic! I absolutely despise cold weather of any kind, as a result, I have thoroughly enjoyed being closer to the equator this winter.


There have even been days when it was still enough for me to practice my somewhat rusty skills by doing silks on the deck.


4.    The scenery: There is nothing quite like looking out your bedroom window in the morning and seeing isolated white sandy beaches. It is also quite nice to be able to take a hike on remote tropical islands whenever I want.


    5.    NOT Being land-bound: An advantage more technically related to proximity to a large body of water than of being a live-aboard; I have found that having the ocean within 4 feet of me at any given point makes activities such as windsurfing, snorkeling, fishing and kayaking much easier. All of which are activities that happen to be remarkably difficult to do on cement.


6.    Space: Storage space is something that I assumed I would miss dearly, but I have actually found that lacking it just forces me to only keep stuff that I actually use.

7.    A lack of schedule: It is late March and the sun is currently up-ish. That is about the closest idea of the date and time that I need to (or do) have at any given point in time. This is not a particularly horrible thing.

    8.    The absence of toxic relationships: This one is fairly self-explanatory. For all of the beneficial relationship I had on land that I miss, I also had some damaging ones that I don’t. On a side note, I have neither broken up with nor fought with my girlfriend since I left! This is probably largely due to the fact that I don’t have a girlfriend, but that is beside the point.

9.    Being stationary: Getting bored of this island? No problem! Just weigh anchor and move to a new one! As with water sports, this happens to be an exponentially easier feat with a boat than with a brick and mortar house.


10.    Being on the grid/environmental impact: All of our electricity comes from solar and wind, greatly reducing our environmental impact. In addition, being a sailboat, we use virtually no fuel when going from place to place. Further reducing our impact on the environment, the few things we have that do require fuel or land based facilities (propane stove, dingy motor, and fresh water) are used sparingly by necessity of limited storage capacity and availability on land.


This is Jaedin’s pay from before we left land about the things he thought he’d miss : http://ohsailyes.com/category/teen-posts/jaedins-posts/



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