Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park


Pros: GORGEOUS beaches, free anchoring (mooring balls available at a low cost as well), crystal clear water and not too crowded/busy. Lots of solitude, if that’s what you’re looking for. Around the corner from us, there appeared to be a lot of boats anchored/moored, so I suppose if you weren’t stuck because of a broken sail and motor, you could anchor there instead and socialize with other cruisers as well. The ‘mountains’ make for interesting hiking, with paths clearly marked with stacks of flat stones piled at good intervals along the way.

Cons: If you need it, cell signal is really difficult to get. You need to climb up to the top of one of the bigger hills (with no shade) and hope you can get one or two bars of signal. However, if you’re looking for uninterrupted peaceful time, this can be a ‘pro’ as well! Smile

Dog playing on the beach

The puppies LOVE the beach. They especially love uninhabited places where they can run free, bouncing through the trees and bushes, dig under rocks looking for lizards that they can never catch, run through shallow waters, swim out to catch the ball in a game of fetch. This is even more true when its been DAYS since they were able to play off leash. Thankfully there was only one time when there were other people on the beach and we just held the dogs until the people came up and talked to them and made friends (not that our dogs are mean/vicious in any way, I just know that some people are scared or even just wary of dogs, so it seems beyond rude to just let dogs run at people. Especially Cinnamon, the little one, who thinks she’s our big guard dog and barks at anyone who comes close (which makes her a great alarm dog for the boat, but not the most stranger friendly dog!)


Patrick and I love exploring up through the hills and through the streams. The tides change the landscape SO much, its just incredible to me to see the changes over a few hours. We also learned that when you come in at high tide, do NOT park your dinghy in a low spot. The tide went out while we were exploring and we came back to find our dinghy WAYYYYYY far from the water! Our dinghy with the motor on it weighs around 350-400 pounds. That was not an easy task for Patrick, Jaedin, Abyni and I to get it back in the water. Its not the weight, per say, but carrying it through wet, soft sand was really, really difficult in addition to the fact that you have to carry it by the not so comfortable handles.

When we got there at high tide (Our dinghy was just to the right out of view in the photo):

Exuma Cay Land & Sea Park

Low tide:

Exuma Cay Land & Sea Park low tide

Turning around, we went ahead and decided to explore while we waited for the tide to come in (before we finally gave up and carried the dinghy)

Exuma Cay Land & Sea Park hiking

Yet another little white sand beach between the hills. That hill in the middle of the photo was the only place to get ANY cell reception. If you were lucky, you could get one bar whilst up there.

Exuma Cay Land & Sea Park Trimaran

The water was glorious, as always, and the kids spent a lot of time paddleboarding, snorkeling and jumping off of the boat.


We set up our awesome beach umbrella (Such a useful thing if you plan to spend any time sitting on the beach! There is very little shade here)



I’ve spent many hours at this beach thus far. I know I wrote about feeling lonely and secluded… but for some reason, solitude on all of the uninhabited places we’ve found feels different. Its just so peaceful, with the gorgeous turquoise waters that seem like something from a movie or a dream. The white sand beaches and rocky hills with the waves alternately softly washing up on the sand and crashing against the rocks. That has definitely become one of my all time favorite sounds. I can sit there, in the shade of my umbrella and just feel deeply at peace. I have no desire to talk to anyone or to check facebook, I just want to sit and listen. This may be the first time in my life that I really enjoy just sitting in the quiet with nothing in particular to do. Huh. I enjoyed it so much that for one afternoon, I just took the camera and tripod and recorded the waves lapping up onto the beach. It was so incredibly peaceful.


Abyni climbed the mast (yet again) and helped get the halyard for the jib furler.

up the mast

The kids snorkeling and exploring a few of the corals around the boat:



All in all, this was a wonderful place to sit for a few days. However, since we really need to order some parts for fixing the engine, we needed to move along after a few days. We had planned to get to Staniel Cay, but the lack of wind had us stopping at Warderick Wells Cay, waiting for better weather instead…



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