Destination Review: Black Point Settlement, Exumas, Bahama (Photo Post)

I’m enjoying a lot of things about the Bahamas. I have to say, though, that the one thing that astounds me and results in at least a comment once a day is the gorgeous, clear, turquoise water. It doesn’t matter if its windy and waves are splashing, the water is still beautiful. Black Point Settlement had quite a few nice things about it.

Pros: Protected anchorage great for learning to windsurf, paddleboarding, kayaking. I loved the little secluded beaches that we found to spend some quiet one on one time on. The people were very nice (and the kids super helpful!), gorgeous rocky and sandy beaches for listening to waves, hanging out, etc. Restaurant with okay WiFi (it didn’t work as well for us as it did for others, but it was free wifi). There were also laundry facilities (which we didn’t use as we hand wash, but it looked nice, clean, new and somewhat busy) and a trash dumpster (no set fee, just donations only).

Cons: Eh… none? I suppose if you don’t want to be near other boaters, then this isn’t the place for you.


Free deck side entertainment (your experience may vary Winking smile ) Abyni has been learning songs at warp speed. Its incredible. I love love love listening to her sing and play every day and its great to see how dedicated she is. She’s inspired me to pick the ukulele back up as well. Maybe we’ll learn some duets!



The gorgeous, calm, clear waters and perfect weather made for amazing swimming weather. The girls especially spent a lot of time swimming, jumping, diving and paddleboarding while we were here.



Paris and Abyni posing in the sunset before one last jump. (I LOVE this photo so much!)



I think Tiberius is finally getting used to the kids swimming. He still keeps a close watch, but doesn’t really whine and panic anymore, unless more than two kids get in and go in different directions.


We had one super quiet day where we spent a couple of hours recording audio and video to make music videos for Abyni’s YouTube Channel.


The local kids were SUPER sweet and excited to help with water. One little boy jumped in the dinghy with Patrick for the short ride from the dock to the shore where the water spigot was. By the time they got to shore, there was a bunch of kids all fighting to get the chance to carry water jugs and then fought over who got to fill the up.


Let’s not forget my favorite photography subject (besides my kids!) of course, lots of stunning sunsets! I narrowed it down to my favorite four sunset photos. Patrick and I have gotten in the habit of sneaking out to the back deck for some quiet time just sitting and watching the sun go down. There is just nothing like watching the sun reflect off of the water and the waves as it sinks behind the clouds.

Jaedin took a full day to kayak for a few miles to go spear fishing/sight seeing. He came back a little bit sunburned and really hungry, but it was a good day for him (and a little nervous making for me, but he’s always been the independent sort, so I guess that’s just how it is with him!)








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