Cost of Cruising: Month #2 in the Bahamas (The Exumas)

This month was spent in the Exumas. This is our expenditures for our crew of 6. We DID have a big issue that will add an additional cost as soon as we get to it… our starter gave out on us (all of that engine repair and refurbishing and we’re already without a starter? Grr! But still, its all part of the adventure and not totally unexpected). We’ve sailed through the Exumas with no engine after our big SOS Breakdown in the ocean and will be spending the $$ to get a new starter soon. It just so happens that it didn’t happen within this month’s expenses.

*I also don’t list our insurance (Other than TowboatUS), as most people won’t be going about on a 40+ year old hand built boat, so the insurance issues will be far different (and probably far LESS issues finding it!) but I can say that we didn’t accept the first few quotes we got at $3-5K a year!)

March 16-April 15

Covering: Staniel Cay (Thunderball Grotto & Pig Beach), Black Point Settlement & Georgetown


Data/WiFi: $88.00
5GB 30 day data plan SIM card $55.00

$15.00 Voice/phone calls

$8.00 Blackpoint settlement (free wifi x 4/$2.00 sodas)

$5.00 Georgetown J&K Productions access for the day.

$5.00 Gerogetown RedBoone café w/free wifi


Adobe Creative Cloud: $50.00/month

*This is for all of my photo and video editing


Diesel/Fuel: $152.00
$45.00 Staniel Cay dinghy gas

$75.00 Georgetown Dinghy gas

$32.00 Propane (stove/grill)

Water: $0.00 FREE

*We took advantage of the free water in Black Point Settlement & Georgetown


The kids at Black Point Settlement were super excited to help us fill our water jugs. They were super sweet kids <3

Trash $8.00

FREE (Staniel Cay is either donation at the club or free if you take it to the dump yourself

$2  Black Point Settlement (donation based)

$6.00 Georgetown ($3.00/large trash bag)


Food/Alcohol:  $156.00
$30.00 Staniel Cay groceries (fresh produce, baking powder *egg replacement*)

$9.00 Blackpoint (2 dozen eggs)

$117.00 Georgetown groceries (fresh produce *stir fry YUM* *cilantro & onions for salsa*, flour, sugar, brown sugar)

Entertainment: FREE


In addition to all of the cool beaches, swimming, ocean life and things to see in nature… in Georgetown we had the best entertainment Winking smile Abyni sang at an open mic night and we even spent some time on the beach getting video for Abyni’s YouTube channel. One afternoon she was even joined by a local performer who was happy to join her for some harmonizing and some improv singing and playing… and THEN there were silks on the boat as well (Warderick Wells, Black Point & Georgetown). We’re happy with our free entertainment! I guess for me (Byn), I prefer to create rather than watch. I find it deeply satisfying to help Abyni with her music and then use my own skills to help her create videos when I’m not creating things of my own. Plus… just LISTEN to that harmony!


Marina/Mooring Ball: $00.00
We didn’t spend any time at a marina/on a mooring ball this month. Solely anchoring = Free (and generally what fits our style better anyway. Being tied to a dock means worrying about the animals leaving the boat, usually more flies/bugs because you’re closer to shore, and its just not as nice as being out on the waves.


Our boat, sitting out all by her lonesome!

TOTAL: $454.00

*Plus groceries from our Big Provisioning before we left Florida.



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