10 Things I Wish I’d Brought More Of

Another month in… and although some of these are on my other post “10 Things I Wish I’d Brought“, I’ve definitely developed a few more items for my list.

1. Food stuff: Although we do have enough food, I know I will be adjusting my list next time we shop. I bought a little too much of some things, but not enough of others. Refried beans, salsa, tuna, dehydrated eggs chicken, ground beef and diced beef. Since we don’t have a refrigerator, the dehydrated meats were a lifesaver and I didn’t have to worry about anything spoiling. I just didn’t get ENOUGH. And yes, I know that they sell meat in the Bahamas, but 1) its expensive and 2) we’re the type to stay pretty much off the hook, which means we won’t be near land very often unless we run out of water and 3) Its just more convenient to have stuff on board that we need and fishing isn’t going very well yet!

2. Clothespins. Doing laundry by hand isn’t the greatest, but its fine. Hanging clothes to dry on the lifelines means finding the clothespins, that seem to break after you use them twice. I am going to have to find a better solution for those. Suggestions welcome, please leave me a link/suggestion in the comments!  *I also wish we’d ordered a ringer for ringing out the clothes as we washed them, but I didn’t think of it until we were ready to head across to the Bahamas. I wasn’t willing to put off our crossing for another week, so we’ll make do for now.

laundry on a boat


3. Snorkeling Gear. Ugh. We should have known that buying just enough for everyone was a bad idea. Of course one got broken, one got washed overboard and one just never did work right. Next time we find decent reasonably priced snorkeling gear, we’re getting some more!

Snorkeling in Islamoralda

4. Shoes. I brought a nearly worn out pair of $3.00 flip flops and a nice pair of swim shoes that I LOVE. I do wish that I’d have brought a sturdier pair of sandals at the very least and some Vibrams or at least some shoes better suited for hiking. If nothing else, I wish I’d brought another pair of the “Zoot” swim shoes, because I can’t imagine what I’ll do once those amazing shoes wear out! They don’t seem to be made for daily hard core use for long…


5. Paddleboards/Kayaks. This was more of a budgetary constraint, but I really wish we had more of either of these so we could all go at the same time.


Key Largo paddleboarding

6. Books. UGH. I bought a bunch of new books for the kindle before we left, intending to read some new authors and then buy the series that I liked… instead I got way distracted with packing and learning everything I could learn and didn’t read anything until we got to the boat. Now I constantly find myself reading book 1 of a series/trilogy, but I don’t have the other books that follow. That is beyond frustrating. I don’t know when we’ll have internet next so I can buy a few more books. Plus, $1.00 books from the used book store fits in with my limited budget so much better. Especially at the rate I go through books!

Boat bookshelves cabin

7. Comfortable Life Jackets. We have life jackets for everyone. Hell, we have lifejackets for 20 people (this was a day charter boat before we bought it), but there is really only one that is truly comfortable to wear. I wish we’d spent the money and bought some good, comfortable lifejackets before we left Ft. Lauderdale. We even found some for a decent price at Sailor Man (?), but we just never got around to taking everyone there and trying them on. No one is going to drown because of it, but with as much time as we spend wearing them, it would sure be nice to have them be more comfortable!

life jackets sailboat

life jackets sailboat Paris Jazz

life jackets sailboat Jaedin


8. Water jugs and/water storage capacity OR a watermaker. We currently have about 180 gallon capacity for storing water. With 6 people on board, that’s about a week-ish, IF we wash dishes, clothes and ourselves with mostly seawater (and freshwater rinse). We’re already finding that isn’t sufficient, because of both weather and our own desires to stay off the hook in less populated, remote feeling places for longer periods of time. So, I guess I wish we’d have just taken the opportunity to rebuild the watermaker while we were in Florida. Barring that, I at least wish that we had more water jugs so that hauling water wasn’t such a huge chore when the dinghy already has to make a long trip to refill jugs.


9. Beach Umbrellas. We’ve never owned a beach umbrella before. When we saw one at Costco, we thought it looked like it might come in handy occasionally. OMG, we LOVE it. We’ve used it several times already and the only issue is that we only have ONE! That means Patrick, me and the dogs will fit in its shade, but the kids are left out in the sun. At this point, we just take turns and we’re rarely all in the mood to sit and chill at the same time, but I think we would use a second one just as much. Plus, they’re really compact and easy to haul to the beach in the dinghy!


10. Comfy, portable chairs. We have one folding, cushioned chair that came with the boat. I have no idea what its called or how to find another one, but I sure wish we had more. It is super comfy. Patrick sits on it when he’s at the helm for long hours. I’ve used it to sit on the deck for the day when the kids and Patrick went to explore the big, amazing Ship Wreck <link>. Today I brought it to the beach, dug a bit of a hole for extra stability and it was perfection. I wish we had at least 3-4 of them for our base crew… or SOME sort of comfy, portable chairs, since we really have NO decent or comfortable seating on the boat, much less on the deck/beach.