Review: Lauderdale Marine Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Cost: $1.35 per ft per day for a multi hull. 


Nice Captain’s lounge with comfortable furniture, WiFi and private office space that anyone staying there could use on a first come, first serve basis.

Nice clean bathrooms and showers.

Nice clean laundry facilities.

We were able to receive packages there.

Clean, well maintained docks.

Nice sturdy carts for hauling provisions, packages, tools, etc.

Security gate.

Close to Winn Dixie, Big Lots, Sally Hair Supply, Dollar Tree, several restaurants and a Race Trac convenience store.


The water was gross. We saw several dead animals float by over the course of the 2+ weeks we were there.

The highway that goes over right neat the end means a LOT of traffic noise. We blocked it out for the most part, especially after a few nights, but if you’re looking for a still, quiet place, this isn’t it.

We couldn’t do our haul out here because their insurance wouldn’t cover it because of the age of our boat (although in hindsight, we should have went ahead and done it there rather than at the Catamaran Boat Yard, for many reasons, mostly cost and TIME.)

Getting into and out of the marina required the use of two TowBoatUS drivers, one on each end, because our boat is 25 feet WIDE. The channels to get to it are very narrow and twisty. It was doable, and wouldn’t be an issue with most monohulls, but with our boat and steering issues, we really wouldn’t have been able to get in or out safely on our own.


The cats went crazy having to stay locked up so much because they wouldn’t stay on our boat.


Laundry ended up costing a fortune with the 6 of us. It was only $1.25 a washer and dryer, but the dryers usually needed two rounds before everything was dry. Plus, laundry for 6 people is just going to be costly unless you do it yourself by hand (which is what we do now!)


The Captain’s lounge was GREAT. There were comfy furniture settings, tables, chairs, a bar. There was a kitchen sink, ice machine and vending machines. The best thing for me was the private rooms that I could use (they were on a first come, first serve basis, but there was hardly ever anyone in there). One was set up as an office, the other more like a small conference room. I found it to be invaluable to get some quiet time to edit videos!


The kids used a lot of WiFi to watch shows, youtube and Jaedin, at least, did his Boater Safety Course here.


Everyone was friendly here as well, M/V Barefeet even brought us some fresh baked ginger bread… MMMmmmmmm!!! And on Christmas day another family brought the kids some of their extra Christmas dinner and rum cake (Okay, they probably felt sorry for the poor kids left alone in the Captain’s lounge on Christmas Day because Patrick and I were back on the boat with him doing MORE engine work and me trying to get things put away and stored in case we ever got to leave!



The dogs favorite part was that there was a big vacant(?) church lot within walking distance, so most days they got to go play ball for an hour or so.


At the time, we didn’t really have anything to compare it to, but in hindsight, this was a pretty snazzy place and the people were DEFINITELY more friendly than the next ‘snazzy place’ we ended up at! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a nice marina.

And of course, I’ll end with a sunset Smile




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