Month #1 (Outside the U.S.A.) Costs: The Bahamas


Keep in mind that we provisioned for a few months before leaving Florida. You can see our costs involved in provisions here.

Customs: $360.00
$300 entry & check in fee, covers up to 3 people on board. It was an additional $20.00 per additional person.
Data/WiFi: $110.00
5GB 30 day data plan SIM card w/$10 talk time. $72.00 after taxes & fees.
Starbucks $8.00 on food to sit and use the WiFi all day.
Great Harbor Cay Beach Bar: $30.00 food & tip to use the WiFi for most of the day.
Diesel/Fuel: $66.00
Bimini: $30.00 for dinghy
Nassau: $36 for 9 gallons of fuel for the dinghy.
Fresh Water: $43.00**
Berry Islands: $43.00 (96 gallons of fresh water)
Nassau (Free fill up water at the marina**)
Food/Alcohol:  $152.25
Bimini: $13.25 loaf of fresh baked bread, eggs & hot dogs.
Great Harbour Cay: $10(ish) chicken @ $1.69/lb
Nassau: $69.00 (tuna, apples, cheese, eggs, oranges) at the Super Value
Fresh Food Market: Apples 3@$1.00 each, 6 pack gingerale $6.00?
$51.00 alcohol
Marina/Mooring Ball: $100.00
Nassau $100.00 for one night
**The marina in Nassau with free water fill up and electricity for $100.00. We did all of our laundry with fresh water, washed the boat AND left with full tanks (200 gallons). At the going rate of 50 cents a gallon… the marina more than paid for our water (and we got hot showers!)
TOTAL: $760.00 for a month of AMAZING adventures!




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