Destination Reviews: The Ship Wreck, Bimini, Bahama

You may know by now that I have no problem being “real” and just spewing raw emotion into a blog post for everyone to see. I’ve had a couple of those posts already about some particularly bad days/situations, so I thought it would be good of me to do the same thing with a good day. Really, an AWESOME day. You may think I’m just a complete dork, but this was a colossally GREAT day for me!


When we got to Bimini, Patrick kept mentioning that there was a shipwreck there that you could go snorkeling at. The kids were definitely interested and I was pretty excited about the underwater photos they’d bring back, even if snorkeling isn’t quite my thing… yet. After a few days at Gun Cay, the weather finally agreed with us and we were able to head towards the shipwreck, 2 nautical miles south of Bimini.

Travel days of any length aren’t my favorite. I am still struggling with sea sickness on all but extremely calm travel days and even then, the best I can do is lie down in my bed and read. If it’s a lumpy, bumpy ride, I have to take sea sickness medicine (all of which makes me tired, even Bonine/Meclyzine which isn’t supposed to be as drowsy) and lie in bed with my sleep mask on. This day the path wasn’t too rough or too long, so I just laid in my bed thinking about the writing I wanted to get done (man, if I could TYPE while we were moving along, I’d have an entire novel written by now!).

We stopped after what seemed like a very short period of time, so I went out to the pilot house to see what the problem was. I heard the anchor being dropped as I opened my door and thought that it was strange that we were anchoring already. As I stepped out of my door, my breath seemed to catch in my throat.

Right in front of us, sitting atop the still, bright turquoise waters of ocean was this enormous near skeleton of a ship. “holy shit,”sneaked out of my mouth as I breathed out. “Oh my god.” It was like something out of a movie scene or something. I almost felt like I needed to pinch myself. It was gorgeous. “HOLY SHIT!” I actually yelled this time, “OH MY GOD! LOOK AT THAT SHIP! HOLY SHIT!”

Granted, I’m one of those weird people who finds abandoned old buildings to be fascinating in the extreme. I’d rather go on a road trip and see old abandoned buildings than go spend a day looking at ‘real’ art in a museum. There is just so much… personality, so much of a story that I can see in my imagination. At this point, I didn’t know the story of the shipwreck at all. I hadn’t expected to be able to SEE anything from the boat, I thought it was just going to be an underwater thing, but this huge structure before me was just leaving me awestruck.


Paris and Jazz finally came out of their cabin, Paris asking, “Why on earth are you yelling?” when she turned and saw the ship, “OH WOW!” and we both stood there staring at this phenomenal sight before us. The water was a perfect backdrop for this ship of browns and rust sticking up out of the water.

Patrick came out and said, “So, I’m thinking of taking the dinghy over right quick first. You want to grab the good camera and get some video?”

He didn’t have to ask me twice. I had the camera and was in the dinghy almost before the dogs (and that’s saying a lot).


Getting closer in the dinghy just made it all the more impressive. I kept the camera flipping between video and photo mode, grabbing Patrick’s phone to take some photos for uploading to facebook and at times still felt myself just staring in awe at this huge ship basically parked right before us. It was towering over us, with cracks and holes through the sides where you could see into the bowels of the ship where its skeleton frame jutted out of the water here and there. I kept saying, “Kara would LOVE this! She should so be here… she would do such an amazing photoshoot… holy crap.”

We eventually made our way back to our boat where the kids were ready with their snorkeling gear and wet suits. I made sure to send them all with every camera I could find (especially the underwater ones) and they took off.

We were anchored close enough to the ship that I could hear the kids chattering on excitedly as they got closer. I went up on the deck and brought Patrick’s comfy chair out to sit and read in between watching the kids climb, dive and swim around the ship. I heard the occasional, “Hey guys! Look over here!” and “Dad, what’s this thing?” as they explored. It wasn’t long before I saw Abyni climbing up a rope ladder just inside one of the giant gaping holes of the ship. Pretty soon she was up, crossing the top of the ship, over and around debris, until she found the best jumping off spot. Pretty soon she ran and sailed over the side, splashing down into the water, coming up with a squeal of delight.

At some point I heard them talking about being hungry, so I went below and made lunch for when they came back. The rest of the afternoon was spent with Paris and Jazz napping (snorkeling for a long time gives Paris a bad headache) and Jaedin, Abyni and Patrick back at the wreck, diving off the side, exploring and video taping everything.





It was a pretty perfect day, certainly the best day I’d had in a very long time. The weather was perfect, the boat was in the perfect place so I could sit in the shade of the boom and read or watch the kids having a blast. Definitely one of my top 3 favorite days thus far!