Land Life Vs. Boat Life: Part 3, The Kitchen/Galley

The Kitchen Vs. the Galley

On land I had tons of counter space for all sorts of things, a popcorn maker, blender, microwave, canisters, stand mixer, plants, more canisters, a toaster and a toaster oven (and I’m probably forgetting something!) There were tons of cabinets for storing all sorts of food, pans, dishes, drawers for utensils, foods, extras… it was amazing. I didn’t know how good I had it. There was a dishwasher, two sinks, a stove and an oven as well as a full size refrigerator.

I am having trouble finding photos of my ‘land kitchen’. I can find these:

A photo from the living room during our Thanksgiving dinner (we left the next morning for our boat, so it was kind of hectic, to say the least).


My Shel Silverstein wall in the dining area of our kitchen:


The tiles that I made for the backsplash (put up with alternating white tiles)


And a photo of another house we lived in when the kids were younger (The kitchen cabinets were the same blue as on the chair) I LOVED this house so much.


And onto the boat. The FIRST difference (thus far) is that my kitchen is all white and wood (YIKES!!! I can barely handle it!).  I’ve already written a post about the galley and some of the odd organizational things I had to figure out. Basically, storage is WEIRD. I’m already tired of having to pull apart the entire couch to get things out of the cabinets below. I hope that I get better at this whole ‘choosing what needs to be long term and short term storage.

No oven or refrigerator (at this time, maybe later). No dishwasher. Weirdly deep cabinets for storage. Minimal storage space.



Patrick’s ‘must have’ espresso machine. He wasn’t willing to give it up. As long as its sunny, we have plenty of electricity for it. I suppose I should find an alternative for non-sunny days… and the wonderbag. Plus, this is about the extent of our counter space and you probably can’t tell, but behind the wonderbag and espresso machine are cabinets that are a PITA to access. We have stuff stored there, but other than the one tub of larger food storage things and mixing bowls, its stuff we don’t need to access often.


Mesh bags for storing onions and potatoes. These were on the boat when we moved on, but they are really sturdy. I wish I could find more like this! I would like to have some for apples and one for carrots as well.


This was also on the boat and is very well made. We store ‘easy access’ stuff in it like sunblock, bug spray, dog treats and leashes, etc. I love it and if I had the budget I’d buy a ton of these in different colors. As it is, I am planning to just sew some when I get the chance. They’d be handy in several different places.

Our stove is propane and it slides back into a little nook under the cabinets when we’re not using it, which is really nifty, since we use that counter space for washing dishes. You can see how it works in the galley tour video here.

As an alternative, I have a portable induction stovetop that I can take out on deck/in the pilot house to cook on sunny days (again with the solar power, because this things takes up some major juice!), but I like it because cooking down below heats up the entire galley and salon way too much when its already hot out.


OMG, that reminds me, one of my favorite features of the galley is the sink/counter/ledge. You can actually spray the entire counter down without getting water where it shouldn’t be, because there is this awesome ‘lip’ across the front of the sink and the entire counter/sink is one piece. I have always wanted that 🙂


Our little ‘drink station’ that kind of took over a bit of the salon. We can only use the electric kettle when there is solar power at the moment (we have to get new batteries!) and we plan to get a regular kettle, but when we left land, we already had this one. The soda stream is divine, but I don’t know that we’ll ever have enough of a stock of cartridges. I need to look into recharging them myself or something.


Speaking of the sink… another difference is that the sprayer is sea water. It doesn’t draw from our tanks, which is awesome because we have limited water in the tanks and refilling is sometimes a pain. We rinse the dishes off with sea water and the (awesome high pressure) sprayer, wash them and then rinse them with fresh water from our tanks/the faucet. Its working out pretty well.


And last but not least, my limited touches of color in the galley. Some day I’ll have a painting budget and then that wood is getting covered with some color. Until then, this will have to do!

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