Land Life Vs. Boat Life: Part 2, The Bedrooms vs. Staterooms/Cabins

Bedrooms Vs. Cabins

Our Bedroom in our house:

Huge, colorful, with a built in bed a sitting area, the master bathroom and a walk in closet:

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The view from my sitting area at the end of the built in bed.


My super comfy couch that I miss! The couches on the boat DEFINITELY need some revamping.


Bonus baby Tiberius photo, peeking out of our bed once we finally got curtains.


Our Cabin (sometimes called a stateroom) on the boat:

Its small. The bed is a double mattress with very little headroom. There isn’t enough room to sit up and read, so lying down is the only option. Since lying down makes my carpal tunnel freak the hell out, I can’t read lying down without my hands tingling, going numb or hurting like crazy. Last night I solved this by taking advantage of the super close quarters.

I used some command strips to attach my kindle to the ceiling for hands free reading:

20160120_194012  20160120_194301

Here is my typical morning view lately (in an anchorage), above me is almost always a Tempest cat (my foot is stretched out pretty much as far as it will go… that’s how ‘high’ the ceiling is) and through the portlight on the ‘headboard’ of the bed:

20160120_103016  20160117_064740

The rest of the cabin pretty much consists of JUST enough room to walk to the closet or the aft head, a little sink and mirror area (in all 4 of the mail cabins, I LOVE this feature SO much!)


Yes, this is all of the closet space we have for both Patrick and I. It wasn’t much of a problem for me, as I don’t own a lot of clothes and the ones I do take up so little space, it wasn’t too much of a problem until we hit weeks and weeks of chilly, rainy weather, but that’s a whole different story. Patrick is still thinning down. The bottom shelf is for dirty clothes and we really need to buy a tub/basket that will fit in there:


This is the bed area with our tiny little book cabinet below:

Our double bed with the too big sheets.
This is the other storage space in our cabin. Obviously, books had to go here 😉

The two aft cabins are pretty much identical to each other. They vary a TINY bit in storage space area, but not much. The above photos are from the bigger cabin 😉


The cabins in the outer hulls have quite a bit more space in them. The bed is in front of Paris in this photo and there is a 5 ft long closet area between the bed and the doorway. There are also all of the cabinets under the bed and on the outer side of the cabin. Its crazy amounts of storage. I haven’t taken anymore photos of these cabins, but you can watch the entire interior tour of the boat from before we moved in if you’re curious. Its a pretty awesome layout!

All in all, I love our cabin. I do wish there was enough headroom to sit up, but I can deal with that. So again, a lot of compromises, but so SO worth it. I don’t need the space when we get to travel and see so many great things!

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