Galley Organization

Organization. I generally love organizing things. I love finding homes for all of our things and making everything look put together and neat.

However, the boat was an exceptionally difficult challenge. Not only did we have TOO MUCH STUFF, but we also have really strange storage place issues. A lot of really deep, hard to reach cabinets, ‘cabinets’ under the salon couches that I’m not used to. Its just all so different.

20151201_184440 20151203_114230

Trying to unpack, sort and organize all at once meant a HUGE mess for weeks. It took me a bit to get used to the motion of the boat, so for the first weeks, I couldn’t work below for hardly any time at all before I’d start feelings sick and have to go up on deck to soothe my stomach. This meant living in chaos and mess for far too long and that was stressful on all of us. We couldn’t find anything, there were always piles of mess everywhere.


I finally got to a point where I had a lot of things in cabinets. It was still a mess, though, because I could ONLY access the things in the front of the cabinets. If I wanted anything in the back, I had to remove everything to get to it, and even then, I’d have to have Jaedin or Jazz reach the backs of the cabinets for me. I knew that what we needed was drawers that I could pull out, but I also knew that with all of the other things on the list of “To Fix on the Boat”, drawers in the galley cabinets wasn’t going to be anywhere near the top of the list.

20151204_122730 20151204_122741

I *finally* got a wild hair and measured the cabinet space. It was perfect for those plastic sterilite tubs from WalMart!  Yay! This has solved SO MUCH! Not only can I pull out the drawers a bit to reach the back, I can actually just pull the tubs all the way out and set them on the counter to find what I need/put groceries away, etc. Its amazing how much of a difference that made!

20151220_105509  20151220_105521

These handy spice holders also fit perfectly on our cabinet doors and are wonderful! I already bought this brand of seasoning anyway, so this is awesome for us!


I’ve read everywhere that you need to label your cans, remove the paper and wipe them down with bleach so that you don’t attract bugs. It also makes it easier to find what you need when your cans are all stacked right side up in the under couch storage spaces! Part of that is labeling the tops of your cans so you don’t have to guess. Silly me… the second time I bought food, I was a little too confident or distracted. I had bought a bunch of cans of green beans as well as some corn for meals. I thought to myself, “Okay, self, find the sharpie, label those cans and tear off the labels” and then proceeded to tear off the labels. Leaving me with a dozen blank cans of… either green beans or corn. I had forgotten to label them first. So now I have a cabinet with cans that say “Green beans OR corn”. Oops!


One section of our under-the-couch storage in the salon:


I replaced the old black non stick stuff with a colorful yoga mat that I cut to fit. This end of the starboard couch is now our little drink station. We drink a lot of teas and love our soda stream, so this seemed like a good place to put it out of the way. I attached the soda stream to the wall with some command strips for when we’re on the move.

20151220_121231  20151220_121707

I rewarded myself for getting things organized by dragging out my colorful rugs and tapestries. 🙂 I know that the biggest thing that will make this feel like “home” for me is adding color. I can’t wait to do more!

colorful rugs on the boat

I actually got a brand new set of pans. This is the first new pan set I’ve ever owned (other than those super cheapo sets that ‘die’ after about a month!) and I am in LOVE with them. They are pretty (color = WIN!) and the ceramic finish is the best non stick surface I’ve ever had. Nothing sticks to these pans. Nothing. Not cheese, not egg, not anything. They wipe out so easily, which is also a bonus when you’ve got limited water to work with! We also bought an induction cooktop that I really like in many ways, but it is just sucking up too much electricity right now. We might be fine once we get our new batteries. Since Patrick installed a wind generator and two new solar panels, we should have plenty of electricity to manage it, but we’re rethinking and researching different options right now. The best thing about the induction cooktop is that it is super portable. When its too hot to cook down below, I can just take it up into the pilot house and cook with it. Also, the wonderbag is awesome! I’ll be posting a full review and recipes for that soon too!

20151220_102047  20151220_111641

Green ceramic pan set

Induction cook top

The converter for the ceramic pans

Locking lid stoage set:

Spice holders:

Sneak Peek: COLORS, Decorating & Painting coming soon!

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