Boat Expenses: Refit, Repairs & Moving Aboard (Nov. 27 through Dec. 31)

Boat expenses for November 27th – December 31, 2015
TOTAL: $15,865.


Our very first selfie on the boat! SmileπŸ™‚

Adobe Creative Cloud: $50/mo

Palm Springs Sailing Club (cost per week/month/day?): One week guest membership, $90 – purchased two weeks @ $180

Solar upgrade – $1050 – total of two MPPT Charge Controllers and Two Canadian Solar 265W Panels with associated wiring and connectors.


Various Parts and Gear for boat: $4000 (wind gen, dinghy, all the amazon order stuff)

Locally purchased hardware and gear: ~ $1,500

Tow Boat US: $180

Lauderdale Marine Center: $985 ($1.35/ft/day for multihulls – monohulls are $0.95/ft/day)

Engine Repair: $5600

Rental Cars: $800

Storage Unit for Van: $120

Outbard Motor and smaller dinghy: $500

Watersports gear (kayaks, windsurfing, snorkeling, etc): $700

Restaurant: $250




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