Teen Boredom Busters for the Boat (or where ever you might be!) by Abyni

Since being on the boat, I’ve had a lot of free time. When it was nice out, I spent that time jumping into the ocean, snorkeling with my sister and using our windsurfing board as a paddle board.

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20151130_122121 20151130_101345

Since it was raining a lot for the first week and then we were stuck at a dock for almost two more weeks, I’ve had a lot more free time than I thought I would and I’ve found myself bored a lot. So, I have been working on my colored pencil portraits.

There’s this book I found and have been using to help me get better with my drawing called Colored Pencil Portraits STEP by STEP and it is helping me a lot with my drawing.




I also have this book called Creative Coloring for Grown-ups that’s kind of like a grown up coloring book and it’s really fun and can be really pretty.

20151222_150046 20151222_153844

20151222_145944  20151222_150036


I also enjoy drawing random things, like my mom’s unimpressed llama. We used to have it painted on the door in our house. I think my mom is going to paint it on the boat somewhere, too.

20151221_110806 10858395_790877407671809_7739711216724980006_n


And, of course, I keep up with my flexibility training so that I’ll be ready to go when we finally get my silks hung up from the mast!




I also might spend a little bit of time cuddling the pets. Just a little. Tiberius sleeps in my cabin with me already, but sometimes he’s extra cuddly even during the day.

20151221_105625 20151221_110242 20151130_170638





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