Pets on board!

The pets are handling this amazingly well. I mean, its truly amazing.

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Tiberius. We all knew that Tiberius would be a great boat dog. He loves traveling, he loves the water and is always pretty happy as long as there are people around. He’s good with other people, barks just enough to warn us that someone is nearby, etc. We were right, he just jumped in and he loves it on the boat. After a day, he was already aware that “Ride” now meant “get in the dinghy”, after a couple of days, he was running into the water and diving under to find his stick. Tiberius was no surprise.
One especially cute thing, though? If the kids leave on the dinghy for any reason, Tiberius stands guard on the deck waiting for them. He even did this on Friday in the blowing wind for hours when the kids got “stranded” on land because the winds were too strong for them to dinghy back to the boat. He stayed out there, watching the spot they left from until they got back, then he came right back in the boat.

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Wow, now that was a surprise. At home on land, Cinnamon was a twitchy neurotic little thing. She seemed to get scared of things easily, she was always frantic in her need for attention and although she barked very little for a typical ‘yip dog’, she was still somewhat barky. We thought that would be out of control on the boat.
Instead, she seems to totally love the boat. She catapults herself into the dingy from the deck of the boat when its time for a ride. The rest of the time, she seems totally content to just be on board. She sleeps in Abyni’s bunk at night, jumps through our porthole in the morning to say ‘hi’ and curl up at my feet until I get up and plays with Tempest when they’re both awake (again, usually at my feet!)

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Speaking of Tempest, she is SUCH a chill cat. She is so laid back and calm, its just weird. She loves to prowl around the boat allll night. She drops into our cabin through the hatch sometimes, but mostly just seems to be nocturnal more than anything. She apparently loves to play with Paris’ toes in the middle of the night, too 😉 She loves playing with Cinnamon more than Tiberius, I think because Cinnamon is more her size.

The other night she actually went for a swim. We didn’t hear her fall, but from the evidence, she apparently fell in the water and then climbed up one of the fenders (like a portable bumper for the boat) that was hanging over the side. We are constantly on the lookout for her because she loves to roam so much. I am ready for her life jacket to get here!

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Elephant. Hmmm. Let’s just say that Elephant doesn’t seem to be any less happy/bitchy here than she is on land. She definitely likes prowling around the deck, tolerates Tempest fairly well and likes her space in Paris’ bunk. I think she’s made a connection with Tempest over their mutual dislike of Tiberius!

We’re looking to get them all comfortable life jackets and get a harness for lifting Tiberius out of the water. Any suggestions are welcome! We would also like to get a ladder/ramp or something for Tiberius as well so that he’s just as comfortable getting on the boat as he is getting OFF of it!



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