The Hard Part: Leaving loved ones behind, Kara

This is Kara (with Paris and Abyni)  She’s the main non-actual-family member that we will miss in crazy amounts. She’s been friends with our family for so long, she just seems like part of us… and I can’t believe we have to leave her behind. Imagine, a 21 year old person having their own life. The nerve of some people, am I right??? (Yes, I’m just kidding, about that last part). You may have noticed her name before, as she’s the one responsible for a lot of the awesome professional photos we have on here.

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We actually invited her to be a part of our First Ever Crew, but of course we’re leaving around the holidays and she has a family here… plus, she’s wanting to go back to school (on land and everything.)

We met Kara through a homeschool group/theater thing back in late 2007 (I think, my dates are fuzzy). I was writing, directing and producing plays through our homeschool group at our local community theater and Kara is a born performer. We hit it off, although back then it was much more a teacher-student type mentor relationship. She also became good friends with Sprite, our oldest daughter… and even babysat for Paris and Abyni when they were younger.

As everyone kept getting older, Kara started hanging out with pretty much the whole family and she kind of grew on all of us (she is an easy person to like, plus she’s really weird like us, which is rare!) Not that any of our friendships look the same, but we all connect in our own ways. Kara is one of the very few people who really *fit* with our family. We’re all so different from the ‘norm’ and we’re even all different from each other and yet its comfortable having her around, no matter who, or how many other family members are around.

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Kara is working to become a filmmaker (and singer) and is incredibly talented, so of course we don’t want to make her give up her education to come stay with us on a boat, but the invitation is always open. I mean, she could always come and teach us more about filmmaking… as well as make her own films and music videos in exotic locations.

I had to write an “I’ll miss Kara” post because she has become like one of my kids. I love talking with her myself, just like my own grown kids. I enjoy chatting with her on facebook sometimes late into the night (kinda like Paris, except Paris is here in person and harder to get rid of 😉 ). Its nice to have watched her grow up and grow into such an amazing young woman. I’m really proud of all the things she’s accomplished all on her own, and how she’s kept her dreams alive for the things she truly wants in life, even if its difficult and sometimes seems impossible. She has so much talent, I’m really excited to see what she does with it all.

I love hearing her, Abyni, Paris, Jaedin (and whomever else makes it over) laughing and having fun into the late night hours when she’s over. Everything from ‘paint twister’, dance parties, Jenga (with or without the air soft guns), dubsmash videos galore, dress up, recording song covers,  you name it. There is definitely going to be a void when she’s gone and I have a feeling its going to suck. A lot. There is a lot of love for this girl in this family.

I think it will probably be hardest on Abyni. She’s grown really close and they both share so many of the same interests. They not only both love singing together, but they sound AMAZING together. Their voices are wonderful alone, but they sound just seriously incredible together. They both enjoy dance and doing acro yoga together. And unlike Paris (who has Jazz), Abyni won’t have her best friend along for the trip.

 Sooo… I guess I’m just writing because I am hoping that she’ll get the chance to join us for a long visit eventually and you’ll already have heard about her 😉 Go watch her videos, check out her photography and think good thoughts that she’ll come on the boat and add to our already awesome collection of performers and creative artists!



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