The Hard Part: Leaving Family Behind. My Daughter Sprite.


Like I mentioned in my post about leaving KainanSprite is married with a baby. Sprite moved out when she was 19. She’s almost 24 now, with a family of her own, so we’re used to not seeing her daily or usually even weekly. She lived out of state for a while (where she met her husband), so we’ve already been through times where we didn’t see each other in person for months at a time, so it doesn’t feel like quite as much of a sudden blow like it does with Kainan.

She and Matt were married almost exactly three years ago and last year they had an amazing little boy, Lyric. I had the amazing honor of being at the birth. Whoa. Talk about a moving experience. It was amazing to me that Sprite wanted me there (even if I drove her crazy saying “you got this” when labor went on longer than she thought it would).

She was amazing and had a natural birth, but because he was early, he had to spend time in the NICU. I went up most days that Sprite didn’t have other company and hung out and just tried to be supportive, and it resulted in a lot of one on one time that we hadn’t had in years. It was really nice to reconnect and to see how much she’s been growing and changing over the last few years. Its an amazing process, seeing your kids grow up and grow into themselves as adults. It is an incredible process that I feel incapable of explaining, but its really really wonderful.



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Now Lyric is 1 1/2 and walking, talking, dancing, signing… and Sprite is being a wonderful mother, that’s been her passion since she was little. Even at age 7, she said she wanted to grow up and be a mom. Like with everything else she’s passionate about, she puts all of herself into being a mom (and wife). Its awesome to see her dreams coming true and seeing her turn into such an amazing mom. She does sign language with him (I’m always astounded at how much he communicates with sign language!), they go to story time, gymnastics and swimming lessons. He is obviously a very happy and very clever little boy. You know the parents are doing something right when his first choice of things to do seems to be eating healthy yummy food or reading books!!! Of course we’ve And then I realize I won’t be here to hold this squishy little boy, or have him blow bubbles in my face, or eat my hair. 🙁


Because we’re leaving, Sprite and I have been more dedicated to spending some quality time together each week. We will be talking about parenting, homeschooling, marriage, life… and I realize that I won’t be here for these conversations. Or get to see him on his birthday. Or get to be here when Sprite needs someone to bring her throat coat tea and oranges when she gets sick. Or come over in the middle of the night because Lyric has been sick all day and *still* has a fever. Or be there just because its good to get out of the house and have some mother daughter time.


And its sad. But at least she has those two guys right there. How can she go wrong?

I’ve been a full time stay at home mom for most of my children’s lives and I homeschooled them through most of those years. Sprite is getting the same opportunity, and although it is going to suck not being around to see this little guy grow up, at least I know that Sprite has inherited my love of taking photos of everything! Unlike Kainan… who never takes photos. I suppose I’ll have to send Sprite to take photos of Kainan. *sigh* But I know she’s good. She’s got a husband who works hard to support them, she has this sweet little boy and she has family and friends here as well.


I’m going to miss this chubby little face. I can’t imagine what it will be like to be gone for months (and who knows how long?) and come back and see him so much bigger. He already changes so much when I don’t see him for a couple of weeks!


Maybe I’m just going nuts because I’ve spent too much time with these humans and I’m not ready to be so far away!

But again, like I said before, I need to go. Patrick really needs to go. Its just a season, and I need to remember that we won’t be gone forever.