Our New Life Begins in 12 Days! Living on the Ocean… Coming Soon!

What does life look like when you’re 12 days out from a total and complete life change?


I’m not sure how it happened, but in the last week, time appears to have sped up considerably. We leave for our boat in West Palm Beach in 12 days. Then we will sail the boat down to the Florida Keys to haul her big ass out of the water and do a few repairs and tackle the HUGE job of doing a new bottom painting job on a 46′ Trimaran. That’s basically like painting THREE 46′ boats. I gotta say, I’m not looking forward to that part!

Here are a few of the things we (mostly my husband) have accomplished since we decided to make this huge life change.


  • Look at a boat, take extensive video tour to show the wife.
  • Get said wife’s approval.
  • Get it surveyed (think like an appraisal on a house) & make an official offer.
  • Sign Papers and spend some more time getting to know the boat.

August – Current Day (Patrick could add TONS to this list about his side of boating research as well as many things I’m sure I’ve missed, but I’ll let him make his own posts on that later):

  • Pack up business (that we just freaking started)
  • Sort through his mother’s entire estate, sort for storing/selling (spend a shit ton of time on ebay)
  • Sort through our own house sorting through keep/give/sell/store/take to the boat
  • Sell several cars
  • Do house repairs that are necessary before we rent it out.
  • hold three garage sales
  • Work on blogging, creating recipes and learning about how things are different in a galley verses a kitchen
  • Making meal plans, grocery shopping lists for at least 4-6 weeks out (this may be overkill, but I’m okay with that. I’ll regroup later and let you know what I would have done differently.
  • Learning to edit photos and video on the Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro and etc. (because we’ll be making some cool videos of our adventure and crazy ass family)
  • Learning about living aboard and cutting ties to land (there is SO MUCH INFORMATION)
  • Learning about taking pets on board (our two dogs and now it looks like two cats as well! Yikes.) and all of the paperwork, vet visits and all that entails.
  • Spending time with my two adult children (Sprite and Kainan) who will be staying home
  • Use up my tattoo gift card that my husband got me for our 21st Anniversary last spring. Yeah, I’ve spent more time with my friend/tattoo artist than probably any of my other friends in the last couple of months. I couldn’t let that gift card go to waste, my husband already gives me a hard time about not using/liking the gifts he gives me. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

tattoo-boat crazy-tatt wildthings-tatt foot-tatt

Some day I’ll make a post about the meaning behind all of my tattoos if anyone is interested.

And a gazillionty other things that I’m sure I’m forgetting… but you get the gist. It is very much like moving from your home, except for the learning about the new life you’re going to be living and the new environment. Maybe its a lot like moving abroad for the first time. If you’re scared of foreign countries. Yeah, I’m still slightly wracked with fear at the thought of being on the ocean, not to mention being stuck with hot flashes!

Umm… can you say Chaos?

Our boat pile is getting quite large already. Yikes!

I’m sure there are things that I’ve packed that I will end up donating once we’re on the boat, but I think I’m doing pretty well. The only thing I probably have too much of are books. There are a couple of tubs of food/galley type things there as well as two tubs of fabric that we are planning to use for decorating.

I am in LOVE with this fabric! Stay tuned for our awesomely cool DIY posts/videos about our upcoming decorating projects!

20151106_154227 IMG_20151110_150016 IMG_20151110_145948

And emptiness?


Its both exciting and sad to see our shelves and drawers being emptied out. At least I know that my son will leave things mostly as is. He’s not ambitious enough to redecorate, so my pretty colorful house will stay colorful for at least a while!

And excitement? 


My last tattoo of the year in honor of one of my favorite children’s books, Harold and the Purple Crayon and of course I love this story where he draws a monster that is so scary that his hand starts to shake and he draws waves. When he realizes that he’s sinking, he quickly draws a boat to save himself. I love that! It has some more significance to me, a ‘bigger picture’ if you will… but that’s a story for another time!

Twelve Days. It can’t be possible. Still to do? (I’m sure I’m missing a million things, but off the top of my head):

  • Sell three more vehicles (my husband was planning on doing a used car business before we decided to leave, that’s why we have so many 🙂
  • Go to the eye doctor and get a new prescription so that I can order new contacts when we’re in Florida
  • Meet with a guy I’m investing with (long story, can’t talk about it much right now… but later, wow!)
  • Pack up all of our other belongings and MIL’s estate in a storage space (we’re in a hurry to miss the winter weather!)
  • Repair the bathroom and lighting issues in the house before we rent it out.
  • Clear out our business space and submit our 30 days notice to the space.
  • Buy/rent a trailer to put all of our boat-able belongings in.
  • Keep blogging, learning and reading!
  • Spend time with Sprite and Kainan and Lyric of course!
  • Make Thanksgiving dinner and have a tearful goodbye for the holiday.

OH CRAP! I ALMOST FORGOT AGAIN!!! Both Sprite and Abyni have birthdays before we go!  ACK!

Abyni turns 15 on Monday!!! If you have a second, go check out her youtube channel and wish her happy birthday 🙂 It would mean a TON to me and her!

Did I mention that my grandson called me “Gamma!” for the first time last week? Because he DID.

Working and trying out a lot of super easy, quick recipes for the boat.


Tiberius and Elephant are bonding over this new life change.


Our crazy totems that will travel around with us and visit various locations


and Paris, the fashionista, creating boat outfits for when she wants to dress up.


Thanks for reading, wish me luck! If there are no more posts in the 12 days, you’ll know I just got smothered by my to-do list!!!

New to our blog? Here is our Frequently Asked Questions page to help you catch up. I know its a little bit crazy, out of nowhere and completely strange!



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