We Finally Named Our Boat!

After weeks of back and forth debating over boat names (DEAR LAWWWD, this conversation!!!)

A snippet of our conversation
A snippet of our conversation

Paris finally found a name that she and her dad liked.  “Luna”

I was kind of “eh” about it, but I was tired of the arguments and apparently didn’t care as much as they did.  Jaedin and Abyni felt the same way I did.  So, we kind of all went, “Okay, I guess the boat is named Luna.”  Paris was thrilled.

However, tonight Patrick finally stumbled upon the one name that would brook no argument.

A tiny bit of backstory that friends might already know.  When my kids were little and asked the typical kid-type questions, Patrick would always answer them with his silly answer, “11 purple monkeys!”

“Daddy, where are we going?”


“Daddy, what are we going to play today?”



This became the standing answer that made the kids giggle as they would think of sillier and sillier questions to ask.

“Daddy, what is on your hat?”

“ELEVEN PURPLE MONKEYS!” and the kids would crack up laughing.

“Daddy, what’s on MOM’s head?”

“ELEVEN PURPLE MONKEYS!!!”  and so on…

Once the kids got old enough to buy gifts on their own, one of them (I can’t remember which), saw a stuffed purple monkey at a store and bought it for a gift.  That started all of the kids on the hunt.  I believe we’re up to 23 or 24 purple monkeys now… maybe more.

Part of Patrick’s collection


We even did a puppet show with the girls for a while on youtube called “Bean’s Monkey Business” and I made a puppet that was (of course) A purple monkey (I wasn’t up for making eleven of them!)

579269_351887854875374_1938626495_n 197481_427646553966170_175612719_n


Tonight I asked Patrick if I should pack up his stuffed monkeys, or if he wanted to take them on the boat.  He was looking at his shelf of monkeys and suddenly the light bulb appeared.  He said, “I just thought of the best name for the boat…”

11 Purple Monkeys!

And it was decided.  We told the kids, “We thought of the perfect name…”

Paris was ready to fight for her name ‘Luna’, until Patrick said, “11 Purple Monkeys!” and then she just stood there saying, “HOW DID WE NOT THINK OF THAT?” over and over.

We named her, guys!  The best, most epic 11 Purple Monkeys answer of them all!

“Hey dad, what are we going to name the boat?”

“Hey dad, Where are we going?”


Now my new tattoo fits our boat adventure, too! (although the monkey represents my “lucky audition monkey” as well)







  1. That is such an awesome story on your family! The name of your boat is not only fantastic but very special too! Cant wait to follow your adventures!!!

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