Review: Mail Chimp for Bloggers

I just had to brag on mailchimp for a minute. I love their user interface! At first I found it a little bit intimidating, but their “help” section is actually helpful (unlike a lot of sites I try to use). They speak my language with a lot of visuals, easy to search topics and clear cut answers. I feel like I’ve really gotten the hang of it already and I’m still pretty new.

I love their stats page where we can see how many people actually open and read our newsletter and how many people actually click through to our site. I will admit that I’m weirdly fascinated by statistics for the blog, youtube, mailchimp, any of it. I love seeing what’s working and what’s… not so much.

You can click to see our Our Most Recent Newsletter in “real” time. (The photo is below) I’ve just been using this simple template that is so easy to use. You just upload your photos, click on the text boxes to type and it comes out looking pretty nice and professional.

My favorite part about it thus far is that this is a great way for me to keep people updated on our site without inundating their email every single time we post. Because of the wide reaching personalities that we have on our crew (and writing for the blog), I think its important to give people an option for just clicking on what they’re interested in. I try to take three of the various styles/author’s posts and highlight them here. That way, those that are interested in recipes can just read those posts. Those that want to read Patrick’s techie geek DIY stuff can go directly there and so forth.

At some point I’ll choose another template that works better with more photos, since I’m sure I’ll have some amazing photos to share each week, but for now, this is our template that I’m using:


Our blog views are steadily increasing, our subscriber list is steadily increasing and I’m excited about how much we will grow when we actually get TO our boat in Florida and then even more when we start sailing away!




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