Our Boat Cards Are Here!!!

Yay! We ordered our boat cards from vistaprint a little while ago. Boat cards are basically like calling cards of the past or business/contact cards… except for your boat. A lot of (most?) cruisers seem to carry them to exchange with other cruisers and people they meet that want to keep in touch. Obviously those who are living off the beaten path without constant access to phones and internet aren’t going to be able to just text you whenever, so this sounded like a great idea. Plus, I just love designing and getting business cards for anything anyway 😉

We opted for the 2 sided, glossy, heavier stock cards for our boat cards because… well, boats. Water. It just seemed like these would be a little sturdier. We actually ordered 500 cards and een with the ‘extras’, it was only $36.46 including shipping. Vistaprint has some amazing deals, for sure!

I used one of the photos that Kara from KS Visual Media took for us during our family photoshoot day for the front and included all of our names and our website so that people we meet can stay in touch. On the back, I put our boat name S/V 11 Purple Monkeys, our facebook and our youtube channel.  I figure that since we’ll be most active on facebook… and that we’re extremely interested in making videos (honestly, that’s a large part of my life in general, and a big part of my excitement about living and traveling on a boat!), then those things need to be included on our cards!

These are our cards:

Now I really want to get out there and start meeting some of the cruisers that I’ve been following on youtube and facebook and exchange cards 😉 Yes, I am a dork, but it feels like just one step closer to “real” for me!


*Looking for more about life on board?  Here are a few of my favorite people to follow thus far:

Sailing with Totem A family sailing with kids. She is a fabulous writer and I just love her blog. I find it easy to stay focused on, full of tons of information for future cruisers and she’s just really interesting and just… easy to relate to, which is saying a lot!

SV Delos Their youtube was my first introduction to this whole crazy “let’s go live on a boat” idea that my husband brought up.

Sailing Uma This young couple is just a little bit ahead of us. I love their personalities and their DIY nature. They seem like kindred spirits to me.

Windtraveler Another family that’s cruising. Gorgeous photos, lots of information and wonderful reviews of products that everyone who appreciates the sand, sun and cruising will appreciate.

SV Necesse This is another family that really just caught my attention. I love their posts and the information they share. They’re cruising with little children and make me wish that we’d have decided to do this about 15 years ago!





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