Meet Paris: 10 things I will miss about living on land

Because when it comes to Paris, just one photo won’t do.


Also, just a heads up: Paris’ posts may be a little “sailor-y” so if language offends you/your children, you might want to stick with Bean the monkey’s or Abyni’s posts instead.


1 Kainan


My oldest brother Kainan has decided to be a loser and stay on land to live a normal life. He is definitely the number one thing I’m going to miss. We haven’t always been that close but over the last few years he has become my main ho and we are closer than ever! We have have a long going tradition of attending midnight premieres of our favorite movies, which is something I won’t be able to do when I’m out on the water. I’ll probably have to fly back to Oklahoma just to see the last Hunger Games movie with him.. I don’t know what I’m going to do without him whispering dirty jokes about what’s happening on the screen

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2 Food

*Disclaimer* My Parents will still be feeding me on the boat.

I am a huuuge foodie. Seriously, I don’t know how I do not weigh 300 pounds. I love food. I love it all. I’m not picky, and I can eat a LOT of food. That being said, I’m really going to miss being able to run to get ingredients to make something, or run to Panda Express when I’m craving fried rice or being able to run to Taco Bell when I’m craving a taco whenever I want. I already have a list going of snacks and sweets that can be easily stored on the boat for emergencies. Maybe I’ll get a mini fridge..

3 Internet

But not for the reasons you would think! I’m not going to miss a lot of things about the internet but you can read more about that in my next post. The things I am going to miss about the internet is being able to quickly look up something to prove everyone I’m right, being able to look up a song or what that one guy’s name was one that one movie so I don’t go insane, And most of all I’m going to miss having the internet for educational purposes such as looking up information on different places and events, and being able to look up recipes and craft tutorials. I will still be able to use the internet a little, just probably not for things like netflix or youtube videos and it will probably be a bit slow compared to what I have available to me right now.


Paris-youtube8 Paris-youtube6 Paris-youtube4 Paris-youtube3

4 Getting mail

I have an online shopping addiction. Partially due to the fact that I absolutely love getting mail. I have no idea why, I just do. I love getting cute packages and letters or even junk mail. I just love it. Especially the kind of mail I get. I order clothing and craft supplies and crap from Lolita, kawaii type people so my packages are always covered in stickers or have a cute little note in it or something.  That being said I will not be able to get mail like I can here. Which makes me very sad *tearing up*

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5 Video Games

I know that sounds totally lame, but I’m going to miss being able to play WOW (world of Warcraft, for you muggles) and Mario cart and COD and goat simulator and all those other stupid games I currently waste my time on. Most of all I’m going to miss whooping Kainans ass.


6 My Bitches

I’m going to miss my only two real friends I have a lot. Luckily we have the kind of relationships where we can go months without hanging out or even talking and still be best friends. So I don’t think our friendship is going to end or anything, I’m sure that when I move back to the US (if that ever happens) that we will hang out and catch up. I’m just definitely going to miss hanging out with my dirty, bitter homes.

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… annnndd that’s all I can think of for Now to be completely honest. I don’t really think I’m really going to terribly miss anything other than the three humans listed above. I had a really hard time just thinking of six things.. Maybe I’ll think of more stuff later.. Probably not. It’s already taken me like.. A month to finish a list of six things.


Kay bye.

Paris Always aka loliboofae




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