Meet Bean the Purple Monkey ~ He recently joined our Crew

When my girls were a little younger, I created a character named Bean that I would… act out, with my cartoon voice while we were driving around and whatnot. “Bean” developed into quite the character and inspired me to learn how to make a puppet. A month later, Bean was created and turned into a ‘real’ purple monkey!


Pretty soon Paris and Abyni were helping to think up episode ideas and Bean’s Monkey Business became an educational children’s show on youtube.

The girls interacted with Bean like he really was his own person, which resulted in some fun blooper reels.  This was one of my favorites. Patrick was fiddling with the lights and camera and Paris and Bean were just goofing off. Patrick was the only one who knew the camera was on, so this is truly a “Behind the Scenes” look at how the girls really acted with Bean.

When we moved to our new house, we tried to keep up the show, but life just got in the way. Bean ended up living in our closet, hidden away and life went on.

The other day I was sorting and packing, trying to get rid of stuff we weren’t taking with us when I came across Bean again. A slight spark was ignited… I asked on my fb Women Who Sail group what they thought about Bean coming along for a sail and got all kinds of encouragement. So its settled!  Bean could use a little refreshing, for sure, but I’m going to get him all fixed up and ready to go sailing!  We’ll make occasional videos for Bean’s channel to teach kids about sailing, living on a boat, different places we go and things we see!  Stay Tuned!  If you have children that might want to follow Bean’s adventures… you can subscribe to our Bean’s Monkey Business youtube channel or follow him on his Facebook Page



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