Galley Recipe #3: Cowboy Hash, the Easiest Meal Gluten Free

No recipe needed, just three ingredients that you mix and cook in a skillet. As I often say, you can mess with the proportions of any of the ingredients to make it more to your own personal tastes):

1) Cooked ground/canned beef (See my dehydrated ground beef review here

2) Corn

3) Ranch Style canned beans. 

It may sound ridiculous, but this is the best combination. It is just AWESOME. If you have some leftover mac and cheese, go ahead and throw that in there, too, it makes an excellent addition! Otherwise, just mix it up and enjoy! Its really delicious and filling.

If you watch the video, be sure to have your sound turned on! 🙂

*Yes, I was feeling silly. 

You can also add some sauteed onions if you want. I love onions, so if I have them on hand, I’ll throw them in just about anything!

For the vegetarians, I do usually make a little of this on the side with just corn, ranch beans and some pasta or rice for my pescatarian son. 

Mexican Style Bean Dip