Meet Jaedin: 10 Things I Will Miss About Land


(Note from Byn: I don’t think that anyone on earth could explain Jaedin as well as this post will.)

1. Immediate access to a store: For all of the inconvenience that is driving a mile away in my giant metal box fueled by ancient plankton (unfortunately oil is mostly not actually liquefied dinosaurs, sorry) to a large building where, via the miracles of exchange and trade, I can get practic ally any necessity and/or luxury I could possibly want or need; it is something I will miss the ability to reliably do on a moments notice.

When you need to drive, but you forgot your sunglasses.

2. Internet: Another fantastic breakthrough achievable only through the finely tuned entwining of technology and interpersonal cooperation that has allowed me to have the knowledge of practically all of humanity at my fingertips, as well as allowing near instant communication to any place in the world. While we will still have this in some capacity on the boat, I will miss the funny and not particularly thought provoking images and text posts that compose Facebook, the access to almost any song preformed in the digital age afforded by YouTube, the massive library of movies and tv shows accessed via Netflix, and the look of soul crushing defeat on my opponents face after winning an argument with Wikipedia.

Dancing with Friends after Thanksgiving dinner.


3. A consistent social life: Not that I have very many Oklahoma based friends in the first place, but I will miss the few people here who I consider as such. Living on a boat will also make it particularly difficult to create any lasting relationships with anyone I meet abroad, considering we will likely only be in any given place for a few weeks or less.

Acro Yoga at Be Love Studio in Tulsa


Silks at Triton in Broken Arrow

4. Silks and Acro Yoga classes: Although we will have a limited capability for silks and a nearly full capability for Acro Yoga (bonus points for doing Acro on the boat?), I will miss actually having a physical gym with large floor mats and knowledgeable instructors for both sports. Even more than the equipment and access to instructors though, I will miss the people. The people of the aerial silks and Acro Yoga community in Tulsa have really grown on me, and are (almost exclusively) the groups that contain people that I would consider to be a close friend.


5. Having a workshop and the ability to own large tools: I am a fairly active tinkerer and fabricator, as a result, one of my big things I will miss is having A place to lay out, work on, and store large projects and the tools used to make them. RIP potential Lathe, table and scroll saws, CNC mill, metal furnace, and large robotic projects.


6. Space: Despite the fact that we have a fairly large boat, we will, at any given time, have access to less non-wet surface area and storage space than we have here on land. This means that in the event that I need some personal or storage space, I might not get it.

7. A brick and mortar regulated environment: As awesome as living on a boat is going to be, some of the actual living on the boat aspects are going to be a little annoying. The usual weatherproofing and temperature control afforded by insulation and air conditioning will be far less present, accidentally getting things wet will be a much more prominent concern, and last but not least, I predict sand, sand everywhere.

8. The consistent and familiar events associated with Tulsa or any other city with a population of more than 0: Although I would most likely not place Tulsa as my favorite city, it, as well as most other cities, tends to have weekly, monthly, and/or annual events that are free or cheap, entertaining, and good excuses for a first date. Also Funnel cakes.

9. A solid shipping address: Via the previously stated miracle of the internet, I can go on eBay, order practically any item known to man, and have it delivered to my front doorstep. This will be significantly more difficult while on a boat considering that I don’t believe FedEx does GPS targeted airdrops.

10. The family staying behind: While my parents and both of my younger sisters will be with me on this adventure, there are a couple family members we are leaving behind (in spite of inviting them along). Kainan and Sprite, I will miss you (or at least your imminent proximity).