10 Things I Won’t Miss About Being a Landlubber: Byn


WARNING:  SCATTERED POST. REALLY. My friends said that they wanted to see me post my scattered thoughts.  The nicely numbered list may be a tiny bit deceiving.

Also, don’t forget:


This “Ten Things” post should be a LOT easier to write.  The “10 Things I will miss post” took me forEVER because I don’t feel like I’m going to miss much.

I’ve been feeling deeply dissatisfied with life over the last few years.  I felt *stuck*, uninspired, unmotivated and really… pretty damn depressed.  There are many reasons for that, but one of the deepest reasons was that I felt like I was going nowhere, that life was just a monotonous rut that was never going to change.  I always thrive on change, and it didn’t seem like that change was ever going to happen.

#1.  Driving.  I hate driving.  I hate it with a passion.  I will avoid leaving my house for almost anything that isn’t required.  I don’t like the physical act of driving or leaving the house, I dislike traffic, construction any of it.  I get motion sick at the drop of a hat, so even being a passenger just frustrates me because I can’t DO anything (and its really not a good idea to hold a deep conversation with a teenager trying to drive, either).


#2.  Facebook.  I love facebook.  Too much.  I get so easily distracted anyway, and I *really* get distracted by funny pictures, memes, (<<<Do not click that, you’ll regret it) keeping up with friends… that I can never focus on anything long enough to get things done that need to get done.  As soon as we’re out on the boat, Paris won’t be tagging me in a gazillion funny posts and I am hoping that I can get some serious writing done!


(I have to admit that after that last one, I saw that I had facebook notifications.  I’m glad there isn’t a time stamp on this post. WHOOO!!!  I was only gone for ONE minute!  OMG, I am totally time stamping this list just so you can see. ANYway… back to my post.  Ummm… I don’t know how to finish a thought, or rather a row of thoughts without distractions.)

#3.  LAUNDRY.  I will never miss doing laundry.  Not that we’ll never do laundry on the boat, of course, but since we’ll be spending a large amount of time in swim suits and light summer clothes, we’ll mostly be rinsing them off and moving on.  Boat living is going to sit really well with me.   (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I just went to the bathroom at the coffee house and there is the GREATEST ad there! I wonder if people heard me cracking up in the bathroom?)


 #4.  Driving.  Oh, did I already say driving?  Yeah, well that’s how much I hate driving.  I’ll add to it, though.  I won’t miss cars breaking down.  I also won’t miss having to stop and get gas.  Not that I ever do that, because my husband is amazing about keeping the car filled most of the time, but I won’t miss it anyway.



(facebook break.  Oops.  A long break, but I have a good reason Top Ten Sailing Novels is worth looking at!  I love to read!!!  (15 minutes later)  

#5.  Politics.  People arguing about everything online.  I am not immune to getting dragged into arguments over things, but I do try reeeeeeeallllllly hard not to, because it irritates me so much.  I will still be online occasionally, but I am so glad that we’re leaving before much longer, because the politics are going to be crazy.  I may have to stay off of facebook as the election gets closer.  Its not all bad… I mean I *do* enjoy the funny memes about political stuff.


#6.  Beauty Standards.  I’ve seen several posts by other cruisers talking about keeping up “beauty” things or whatever.  I don’t really keep up with beauty standards anyway (I mean, I really don’t.  I have hair that pretty much fixes itself and other than that, I try to stay reasonably clean and keep my teeth brushed.  I think I will fit in much better as a sailor, because I don’t care about makeup, painted nails, shoes, fashion or any of that stuff.  That’s really just not my thing.  Seriously, I just… don’t.  Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that my husband still loves me anyway.  Plus, that always makes it so special when I do dress up, right?  Keep the expectations low and you’ll always have the ability to stun…

1959666_761569723935911_752552437077318777_n  10378536_696442997115251_2169166014029335713_n


(DAMN IT.  Facebook again.  Sorry.  UGH.)  Oh, crap.  I have to go pick up the kids from silks.  No, not silks, acro yoga.  For crying out loud.  (1 hour later)

Btw, my kids are amazing…

What I said I was picking them up from:

Yeah, she’s “falling” she’s amazing.

What I was ACTUALLY picking them up from:



#7.  SCHEDULES.  I am so looking forward to no schedules.  I love to write, but there are too many distractions here.  Taking the kids to classes, facebook, packing, errands, what have you every freaking day.  Anyway, we have food in the house now, because we actually stopped at the store on the way home.  I’m going to make the best chicken dish ever.


OMG, THE BEST.  And it has an adorable story, too.  Way back when Patrick and I met just after we turned 19, for our first “real” date, he brought me to his house and cooked for me.  (I had to go find my old post from my Clean Eating blog and got a TINY bit distracted, but just by reading my old post.)  So, since the story is in the recipe post, I don’t suppose I need to repeat it.   (Distraction from reading the comments on that post, commenting back myself and then remembering that I forgot to update my disqus account with the new blog name).

(Gah.  Now I have to go back and reread the first 7 things because I already forgot what I wrote.  Holy crap, how do I ever get anything done?  I’m afraid to read the future comments on this post.)

#8.  Social obligations.  I have weird social anxiety issues.  Maybe not weird, per say, but it seems weird to me.  I hate scheduling things like visits or hang out time with pretty much anyone.  Once I’m actually hanging out with people, or if I happen to randomly run into someone, I can talk up a storm and have fun catching up with whatever is going on with them.  I have a monthly “Girl’s Night Out” at our business and I always have a good time.  I always come away more relaxed and happy than I was before, but I get HUGE amounts of anxiety as the date gets closer.  If I wasn’t the one hosting it, I know I would always cancel.  I often think of cancelling the whole thing anyway, just because I feel so stressed about it.  I’m not going to miss that anxiety at all.  I know that we will (hopefully) meet new friends as well as meeting up with ‘old’ friends from time to time, but I won’t feel the pressure to connect in person when we’re so far away.  I know, that’s probably a stupid thing to miss.

On that note, I *will* miss the utterly divine cheesecake from Coffee House on Cherry Street, because OH MY GASM it is divine.  The place is SO relaxing, the atmosphere is perfect.



#9.  My DARK freaking HOUSE.  I HATE HOW DARK MY HOUSE IS.  We always talked about putting lights in the living room and new lights in the kitchen, but when Patrick was always working 80+ hours a week, that always kept getting pushed back to the bottom of the “To Do” list. (My depression was SO much better when I started working at Sprouts and I was surrounded by tons of light every morning, that will be an AMAZING thing on the boat!) Now that we’ll be on the boat, I’ll have all the light I want, because sitting outside will be far more pleasant!

#10.  WINTER.  SNOW.  Yuck.  Every time I have ever mentioned wanting to move to the tropics or whatever, people have said, “Oh, but won’t you miss the seasons???”  NO.  (I have to go find my favorite “NO” meme, but that’s kind of directly related, right?  Its actually part of making the post… so it doesn’t count as being distracted.)  Ugh. (5 minutes later) I got distracted again trying to figure out Disqus.  I’m not a techie genius on the best of days, but I have been ridiculously scattered lately.   Anyway, I gave up on disqus.  Patrick will have to take care of it.  (Holy crap, I had to edit an already published post because I read it and realized that I NEVER DID FIND or even look for “NO” MEMES!!!) Long story short, I hate the super cold weather if I have to go outside.  I love curling up in bed under the warm blankets when its freezing cold in the house (SO MANY TOPICS IN MY HEAD RIGHT NOW!  You’re so lucky that I can’t type fast enough to actually keep up with my thoughts. Now someone is going to suggest medication in 3…2…….)  but if I have to leave the house, then its a no go.  I don’t like snow or the cold because ew.  That freezing of your nose hairs when you try to breathe?  Yeah, no.  I’d be happy to never experience winter again.  Granted, it makes for some really fun photo ops (my passion), but I’m not going to miss it when I have cool wicked awesome water photos to take instead!




OMG, I FINISHED THE POST.  I bet you’re glad, eh?

Shit, I just remembered that I left my husband’s cheesecake in the front seat of the car.  Well, not the seat, its on the floor.  Ugh.  I’m so lazy.  Maybe he’s coming home soon so he can just get it on the way in.  (I need to scroll up and make sure I remembered to finish the “WARNING” at the top.)



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