Video Post: Q & A with the Kids About Boat Living

snaptshot1 snapshot3

I mainly made these videos (impulsively in my room because all 4 kids were there) just so that we would have something to look back on after we have spent a little bit of time on the boat.  I wanted to document the kids’ thoughts and ideas about what it might be like… and then compare it to the “after” videos asking similar questions.  Anyway, its interesting and gives you a tiny bit of a peek into the kids personalities.

Video #1:
How long do you think it will be before we leave, and how long will we be gone?  What do you think will be the most stressful thing when we’re living on a boat?

Video #2:
What will be the best thing about living on a boat? (and some backtracking on the last questions)

Video #3:

Video #4:




    1. Grandma Carole, we will be taking photos and videos daily! I will be uploading to our youtube channel regularly (as long as I can get a good enough internet connection!) I’ll also be having the kids write for the blog as well as posting myself. You might get tired of all the updates!! I’ll be able to more easily post to our facebook, so make sure you like our Oh Sail Yes facebook page as well.

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