Taking a Dog on the Boat


We have three dogs.  They were all rescues, and mostly ‘mutts’. One of them, Diva, our Bull Mastiff is too old to go on the boat.  She’s big and doesn’t really maneuver very well, plus, she really really really dislikes water.  She’s also been very sad since Kainan, our oldest son, moved out.  She used to sleep in his room, in his giant king sized bed with him… so its kind of sweet that Kainan will be moving back to our house while we’re gone and taking care of her and Cinnamon.

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Cinnamon is our chihuahua.  We don’t even generally like little dogs, but she was abandoned on the side of the highway and we couldn’t find her a home.  It wasn’t long before she burrowed her way into our family anyway.  She is the sweetest, chillest, most loving chihuahua I’ve ever seen. She loves to curl up on my legs in the evening when I sit to blog/facebook. The only problem with taking her is that she gets motion sickness REALLY easily.  Any trip in the car, any trip at all, results in her vomiting all over and shaking and miserable.  I would LOVE to have her on the boat, but I can’t see her being happy.  So she’ll stay here with Kainan and Diva and just be at home.

**Edited to add:  After much more reading and researching, I started taking Cinnamon on short car trips to acclimate her to travel.  It worked!  She no longer gets sick or scared and loves riding in the car so much that its hard to get her to stay home when we’re leaving!  Cinnamon will be joining us on the boat after all!

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Tiberius is our water loving, fearless, car ride loving, cat loving, stuffed rabbit cuddling dog.  He’s the one that will definitely go on the boat.  Today we took him for a walk down near Riverside.  When we got close to a path down to the river, Patrick took off his leash.  As expected, he bolted down to the water.  He *loves* water.  He loves splashing in it, playing in it and discovering all of the awesome things that are in the water.  Even when its a terrifying rock.  I finally started recording after he had already been working up the courage to go investigate this rock in the water (in between getting really distracted by the ducks swimming by:)…

20150812_191448 20150812_191516 20150811_162122 20150811_155305

Tiberius is going to be such an awesome boat dog.  I can not wait to see how much he loves the ocean.  And the new beaches and critters and just life being around his people 24/7.  Its going to be awesome.

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